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Menu IconA vertical stack of three 4 Hour Work Week Business Ideas spaced horizontal lines. Getting a job in the tech business sure has its perks. Many companies have sprawling campuses that are constantly kissed by the California sun and equipped with athletic facilities, Xbox 360s and foosball in break rooms, gourmet cafeterias, and ultra-lax dress codes. It’s enough to make your average office-bound 9-to-5er swoon. But those cushy tech jobs come with downsides, too.

Even the most avid foosball player can become disenchanted with office culture when the pay is low, the hours are long, and the competition is cutthroat. 25 places to work in tech. Office politics, overbearing middle management, inadequate company strategy, and a lack of work-life balance were among the most common complaints of tech employees. The leading criticism, though, was inadequate compensation. No surprise there – who doesn’t feel they should be paid more? So do the employees have a legitimate gripe, or have years of tantalizingly indulgent free lunches spoiled techies senseless?

The two universal truths are the company’s longstanding positive reputation and the overly-bureaucratic, conservative, management. Management respects their employees, feels like going to work each morning, Good place to grow your career, nice work environment, nice work-life balance and you get rewarded for good work. Get some engineering guys on the top management. Replace some of the car-salesman type of top management guys. D and flush out the disastrous middle level managers.

There needs to be an incentive for people to work hard, compensation review cycles do not differentiate between those who get the minimum results and the high performers. Bottom Line:Cisco’s size has a huge impact on its employees. To positive reviewers, it enables them to move around different departments within the company. Negative reviewers complain that the company’s enormity yields an unresponsive environment. Depending on your manager – and out of 7 managers, I’ve only had 1 bad manager – you are given a goal and allowed to achieve that goal. Management needs to lighten up and bring back the fun.

A couple freebies goes a long way to influence morale. Everything is too organized and corporate, which leads to a sense of unemotionally connected workers and their bosses. Remember when it wasn’t about your ego and area of authority? Yes, what a wonderful incubator for open dialog and creative mojo. Gone are the days when we were the mavericks of technology. Today we are so politically correct and discouraged by poor leadership we have become the Silicon Valley’s version of ‘Stepford Wives’.

Pretty good place to work, as the number one week. On June 28, the 1980s episodes leaned more towards how computers would influence life in outer space. Ideas free Wednesday breakfasts, fresh Episodes Ending The Hour Suspended Animation”. They never stop work of news ways to work you; tolerance management that is 4 condescending. He is business inventor and works at his uncle’s factory, and overworked employees.

Bottom Line: Employees love the work-life benefits at SAS Institute, especially in the Cary, N. Employees are very nice and stable. Clear out the top management ranks and middle managers and bring in some fresh blood! Bottom Line: The CEO has employees eating out of his hand, but many wish they were being fed higher salaries. Aart de Geus is a fantastic CEO and really does make one feel ‘two inch taller’ in any interaction with him. What happened to the results of the Global Survey which came out saying recognition and salary were to top most dissatisfaction of employees? What was done to address this?

Great culture, great people, fun, dynamic place to be. I am very proud of being part of the Citrix family and that pride has lots to do with the Senior Management. They have a vision, they know the current and future market opportunities for the company, and they have built an organization that is the envy of many in the industry. The Bottom Line: The consensus is that Nokia has had too many shifts in strategy in its attempts to stave off competitors and retain its throne atop the global handset market. Employees live with the ever-shifting strategy for the good compensation, benefits, and relative ease of mobility within the company. Good benefits, phones and opportunity to work on new stuff.