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Enter the characters you see below Sorry, we just need to make sure you’re not a robot. Enter the characters you see below Sorry, we just need to make sure you’re not a robot. The essence of Lisbon city is mirrored in its terrain. Lisbon for a short time might realise only can Mna Make Lots Of Money For Shares, or potentially not at all. The capital of Portugal totally embraces you in its narrow alleyways and tall buildings. It grasps you in its steep streets and old decorated walls with blue and white azulejos tiles hidden behind long rows of parked cars. The voices and music from radio programmes coming out through the open windows, the smell of grilled meat, roasted potatoes, and other delicious Portuguese food will bring you back to reality while you walk silently, immersed in your thoughts and counting the never ending steps.

A steep, narrow alley in the Mouraria neighbourhood. They can be made from wood, wool, ceramic or cotton. You’ll see a sardine as a magnet, a pillow, a bookmark, and a sticker, on a badge, on a mug, on a bag, in a can. Luckily, you can turn to any side street, and take a break from all piscine shop windows and enjoy a coffee or a meal in one of local taskas where TVs play football matches all day long. Try out the Mouraria district, or one of many tiny squares in Alfama neighbourhood. Lisbon is definitely getting more attention among travellers for a good reason. Its rich history full of multicultural impacts and recognisable contemporary culture mix together very well.

In this article, we’ll take you around the places that we found the most captivating while visiting Lisbon, and where we felt the spirit of the city intensively when we escaped crowds of tourists. It’ll help you understand the layout of the city. Following the suggestion of our dear friend and great photographer Emanuele Siracusa we climbed to the Miradouro da Senhora do Monte on our first day in the capital. Well, the photographer’s eye didn’t disappoint! Sunset over the city of Lisbon. 28 and get off at the Graça stop.

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From there it’s only a five-minute walk to the viewpoint. Located in Alfama, this view point will show you red roofed white houses of Lisbon from above, as well as some landmarks of the city: the São Miguel and Santo Estâvão churches, and the dome of the National Pantheon with the river Tagus. If you’re visiting Lisbon during a hot summer, there’s a small pool near the lower level of the miradouro, just behind the colonnaded pergola, where you can refresh your feet. Walk from the Baixa district to the Church of Santo Antonio, head up via Rua do Limoeiro, direction to the Saint George’s Castle. 737 to the Largo do Contador Mor bus stop. For more viewpoints in the Portuguese capital, check this helpful list of some stunning spots in Lisbon. Seen in the Bairro Alto district.

It’s hard to imagine that Lisbon was once all-white buildings. It changed only after the earthquake in 1755 when the richer districts of the city started to use colours and tiles during the reconstruction of the damaged buildings. From only a few impressive murals we saw in Lisbon, we can honestly say that the Portuguese capital can easily compete with London as one of the best places for graffiti and street art in Europe! The Portuguese love for street art took it to another level. To prove that street art isn’t only for crazy rebels who advocate an alternative kind of lifestyle, one of the LATA 65 projects organised a workshop for elders, where they taught history and some graffiti techniques. Note: One thing we found interesting in Lisbon and other cities in Portugal was that we never saw graffiti on the azulejos tiles. Don’t miss this one in the Mouraria.

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We listed only those we visited ourselves, o mesiac ideme trosku spoznat Dansko. From only a few impressive murals we saw in Lisbon, it looks like not much has changed, it is said that can Mna Make Lots Of Money For Shares wooden Altar was the only can Mna Make Lots Of Money For Shares in the church that the fire didn’t get consumed as if by a miracle. Thanks for loving my city, where you’ll watch a football match with locals and get a chance to chat with the owner about your holiday. You don’t want to miss the atmosphere of this! For more viewpoints in the Portuguese capital, here is a great map for the festivities in 2015.

You’ll see plethora of some remarkable murals and random tags and scribbles while wondering around the city. Our personal recommendations are: the huge art work of Aryz next to Av. One of many remarkable pieces in the Bairro Alto. To get more inspiration and tips on where to go for street-art hunting in Lisbon, check this piece written by Rachel Dixon, or this one by Kathrine Ophshaug Bakke.

If you want to grasp the feeling of Lisbon’s history, don’t miss the oldest district of the city. The Alfama was settled by the Romans, Visigoths tribes and shaped immensely by the Moors who got the full credit for building the labyrinth of narrow streets that served as a defence system at that time and helped keep homes cool in summer. A decorated altar to honour Santo Antonio. We were lucky enough to walk through the district during preparations for the Santo Antonio festival.

You don’t want to miss the atmosphere of this! Smoke from grilled sardines getting in your eyes, raucous pop songs teasing your ears, and locals and tourists queuing for the shots of local ginjinha liquor. Atmosphere of the festival in the Alfama. If you miss the festival, have no fear. Note: For more interesting events in the town, here is a great map for the festivities in 2015.

When visiting Lisbon, you’ll be overwhelmed by flyers inviting you for a fado concert basically everywhere. If you are in the mood to listen to the Portuguese national song full of pain, desperation and love, head to the Alfama or Mouraria neighbourhood. A beautiful fado singer waiting for her evening performance. If you want to feel the original spirit of fado, check the Rua do Capelão Street. The portraits of Portuguese famous fadistas done by Camilla Watson.