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Eight high-school friends who created a profane, hilarious game are all grown up and have a thriving business. Only none of its creators is quitting his day job. Several months ago, I brought a game to a bar. Three girlfriends and I started playing, very much aware of the fact that playing a game at a bar is an act of social isolation: It’s silently projecting don’t talk to us, we’re busy. Within minutes, the waiter who brought us beers asked to be dealt in. Three times, complete strangers do Kickstarter Investors Make Money us, asking whether we were playing Cards Against Humanity–and whether they could join. This was getting out of hand.

This is to say, Cards Against Humanity has attained quite a cult following. The formula for play is simple: The dealer reads from a black card posing a question, or asking for a blank to be filled in. Other players, holding hands of white “answer” cards with words or phrases, each submit one to the dealer. It’s like the card-comparison board game Apples to Apples–only instead of being rated “G,” it would be rated “R. One round’s dealer-card might be “Daddy, why is Mommy crying? Hey, baby, come back to my place and I’ll show you _____.

Answers–the dealer reads them aloud before choosing a winner–are generally nouns or gerunds, and include “Racially biased SAT questions,” “lumberjack fantasies,” and “Michelle Obama’s arms. It’s also a very successful product, and seems well poised to be the break-out party game of this decade. When it’s not out of stock, it’s the No. While Cards Against Humanity might seem like one of the hippest and fastest-growing startups in its hometown of Chicago, this isn’t the work of a shrewd executive. It’s the brainchild of eight friends in their mid-20s, some of who met in grade school, and most of who attended Highland Park High School together.

Their names are Max Temkin, Josh Dillon, Daniel Dranove, Eli Halpern, Ben Hantoot, David Munk, David Pinsof, and Eliot Weinstein. As a business, it’s completely bootstrapped, with no major outside investment and having completed just one small crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to fund the first production run. And somehow, along the very winding and counterintuitive path this rag-tag group of young men have taken, they’ve managed to create a successful–and perhaps even admirable–business. Only, it barely resembles a business. I called Temkin, the 26-year-old Chicago-based game designer and graphic artist who’s something of a ringleader for his co-creators of Cards, to ask if what he and his friends have created is merely an extraordinarily profitable hobby. He tells me the company behind Cards is indeed incorporated and that the company recently obtained a business address–a sort of small-scale co-working-space Temkin manages. Temkin also takes graphic-design freelance gigs and designs other games.

To me a ‘company’ seems to be something with cost-benefit analysis, and that tries to make a profit at every turn,” he says. Our main priority is to be funny–and to have people like us. So while maximizing sales is certainly not top prerogative for these game-creators, every customer is extremely important to them. So important that they give the full game away as a free PDF file on their own website.

Do Kickstarter Investors Make Money

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