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Saving for retirement is not an area do Women Make Less Money Than Men financial strength for Americans. Too often, meeting the financial demands of today means delaying, diminishing or simply never starting to save for tomorrow. Although all of these things can put a strain on our budgets, they don’t necessarily make it impossible to save for retirement. These survey findings also provide a helpful benchmark against which readers can compare their own retirement savings balances and progress. By your best estimate, how much money do you have saved for retirement?

Whether due to various economic factors or not correctly prioritizing finances, many people are not on track to have enough money to cover their expenses during retirement. One-third of Americans report they have no retirement savings. This lack of savings indicates that just getting started on retirement planning is a significant obstacle for many people. Americans’ retirement savings balances are in the top bracket. Women More Likely Than Men to Have No or Little Retirement Savings The gap between men’s and women’s retirement savings is cause for concern for anyone planning for retirement.

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2015 Gender Pay Gap in Financial Wellness report from financial education company Financial Finesse. One reason women fall behind is the gender pay gap. 79 for every dollar men earned in full-time positions. Families trying to prepare for retirement need to factor such deficits into their financial plans.

Women’s retirement savings needs are also greater than men’s. Women are also more likely to live longer, increasing their chances of outliving retirement funds. To make up for anemic earnings and plan for their higher retirement costs, women need to be proactive and save aggressively. Retirement Savings Correlate Closely to Age Retirement savings are closely tied to savers’ stages of life. For young people just starting their careers, simply saving at all could be a sufficient goal, while those nearing retirement will likely want to have at least a few hundred thousands of dollars in their retirement accounts. Americans’ savings differ by life stage.

Do Women Make Less Money Than Men

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300,000 or more in retirement accounts and 4. 6 times more likely than millennials to have saved this amount. 3 of 5 Millennials Have Started a Retirement Fund As the youngest group surveyed, millennials are the least likely to have substantial retirement savings. Overall, fewer millennials are saving for retirement than should be, but many millennials’ retirement savings are actually on track, especially among the those ages 25 to 34. For this group, saving now and saving regularly will make all the difference.

Thanks to the power of compounding, if you start regularly setting aside even small amounts as soon as you start working, you could easily have enough for a comfortable retirement. 50,000 or more in retirement accounts. 300K Saved As respondents get older, the gap between the savers and the save-nots widens. About 3 in 10 of respondents age 55 and over have no retirement savings. 50,000, an amount that is insufficient for people nearing retirement age.