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Yes, this site is still working. Why is my total in group incorrect? How can I report obscene or inappropriate groups or profiles? Get Our NewsletterWIRED’s biggest stories delivered to your inbox. 40, King Gillette was a frustrated inventor, a bitter anticapitalist, and a salesman of cork-lined bottle caps. It was 1895, and despite ideas, energy, free Home Based Business Ideas wealthy parents, he had little to show for his work.

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He blamed the evils of market competition. One day, while he was shaving with a straight razor that was so worn it could no longer be sharpened, the idea came to him. What if the blade could be made of a thin metal strip? Rather than spending time maintaining the blades, men could simply discard them when they became dull. A few years of metallurgy experimentation later, the disposable-blade safety razor was born.

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But it didn’t take off immediately. In its first year, 1903, Gillette sold a total of 51 razors and 168 blades. Video produced by Annaliza Savage and edited by Michael Lennon. Thanks to Gillette, the idea that you can make money by giving something away is no longer radical. But until recently, practically everything “free” was really just the result of what economists would call a cross-subsidy: You’d get one thing free if you bought another, or you’d get a product free only if you paid for a service. Over the past decade, however, a different sort of free has emerged.