Home Business Ideas For Moms In 2019

A link has been sent to your friend’s email address. A link has been posted to your Facebook feed. Managing a household can be as challenging as running a small business. Moms wear many home Business Ideas For Moms: chauffeur, nurse, chef, storyteller, slayer of monsters. Donning the entrepreneurial hard hat means adding another responsibility to your ever-evolving tasks. But those in the know say it can be done. Objects With Purpose, a company that makes nontoxic candles that are sold online and in 200 stores across the country.

In both roles, you have to be willing to try new things, Mauro says. Every day as a parent, you have to take risks, pay attention to the information in front of you, process it and solve problems in creative ways. How is that not an entrepreneur? Here are ideas for a range of personalities and skill sets. Creative moms: Freelance copywriter, Etsy artist or piano teacher. Whether you’re making use of your writing skills or are up to your elbows in sheet music, a mom with a creative streak has numerous outlets for entrepreneurship.

Techie moms: Computer repair service, web design or coding contractor. In our increasingly online world, tech skills, such as coding and website design, are in high demand. Healthy moms: Fitness studio owner, personal trainer, nutrition consultant. Moms with a flair for fitness can tap their energy with active pursuits, such as acting as a tour or hiking guide, becoming a personal trainer or running a yoga studio. Note: If health and safety are involved, make sure you are properly licensed, and have your customers sign a waiver. Mathematical moms: Accounting service, tax preparation, bookkeeping agency.

The best thing about being a math whiz is there will always be people looking to you for help. Starting a one-woman bookkeeping firm, for example, is an option for numbers-savvy moms. Keep in mind that these services may require certification or licensing. Analytical moms: Consulting or referral services. Good at writing business plans or developing marketing strategies? Consider turning your skill into a business.

Solving problems, either as a consultant or by creating a new service, as Cohen did, allows moms to flex their analytical muscles while helping others in the business community. Perhaps, she says, that’s because they both describe roles that are difficult but potentially fulfilling. Investors, business mentoring and entrepreneurship programs around the country can actively seek more ways to engage this fast-growing, unique and important market. According to the most recent Survey of Business Owners, conducted every five years by the U. 4 trillion in receipts in 2012, up 18. Not all female small-business owners are mothers, of course, but Friedman cites the growing mompreneur network, both online and in the real world, as evidence that many are. Cohen, president of the contractor referral company Home Remedies of NY Inc.

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It requires your attention all the time. Candle entrepreneur Mauro says her motivation is tied directly to her children. I wanted my daughter to see what she can do. Her first two candles, Asher and Dahlia, were named after her children and are perennial best-sellers. Women interviewed for this article offered some tips for making entrepreneurship work for busy mothers.