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Menu IconA vertical stack of three evenly spaced horizontal lines. Logistics How Can I Invest In Uber free to your inbox. We’d like to hear from you. All of the various scandals and controversies surrounding Uber in recent months did not seem to dent the company’s financial health. 6 billion in cash on hand. However, rival Lyft has still been making gains on Uber, despite the larger company’s continued growth. May, according to Second Measure, which analyzes anonymized credit card data.

Uber remains mired in controversy following Kalanick’s departure, and needs to fill several key executive positions to help it handle increased competition around the world. In addition to its open CEO position, the company has also been searching to fill its COO and CFO positions. For now, the company is being steered by an executive committee. FLYTREX AND AHA LAUNCH DRONE DELIVERY IN ICELAND: AHA, Iceland’s largest online marketplace, has partnered with Israeli drone startup Flytrex to deliver online meal orders and other goods by drone in Iceland’s capital, Reykjavic, CNBC reports. Right now the drones only operate a single delivery route across the bay that cuts Reykjavic in two and makes delivery by ground vehicle in the city very time-consuming. Flytrex doesn’t build the drones itself — in this case it’s using a DJI Matrice 600 outfitted with a special package compartment — but provides the software and services that make the program operational, including employee training, drone maintenance, and a cloud-based platform for remotely tracking and managing the drones in-flight. Flytrex and AHA received regulatory approval to launch the service from the Icelandic Transportation Authority, which said the drones could improve road safety by taking delivery vehicles off the roads.

Regulatory authorities in most jurisdictions around the world have taken a cautious approach to drone deliveries, particularly in densely populated areas. 5 million in Series C funding from a group of investors that includes Audi and Qualcomm. Cubic has already been working for a while with Audi, and is on track to put its technology into 1 million vehicles by the end of the year, according to CEO Barry Napier. It accomplishes this through a virtual SIM card that it preloads on to vehicles during the manufacturing process. Typically, automakers have to install a physical SIM card into their cars for connectivity, and arrange network agreements with carriers in whichever country the model might be sold.

Each network agreement requires a different SIM card, making managing these partnerships and the physical hardware a time-consuming operational task. With automakers putting more and more digital technologies in their cars, they have to manage increasingly complex ecosystems of digital partners that include connectivity, cloud, analytics, cybersecurity, and infotainment providers. That is a complex task for companies like automakers that don’t have roots in the digital world. Click here to receive a FREE download of The Top 5 Disruptive Trends Shaping Transportation and Logistics from BI Intelligence, Business Insider’s premium research service. Traditionally, only favored wealthy funds and a few accredited investors who provide capital to professional managers are able to participate in an IPO before the stock is released to the general public. But many average investors would like a chance to bet on Uber. There are a number of ways for average investors to directly or indirectly bet on Uber’s performance.

This article explores ways that investors can profit from Uber’s growing global dominance in the ride-sharing market. One indirect method is to invest in a publicly traded company that owns a sizeable share of Uber private stock. Some major Uber investors include Alphabet Inc. You can also effectively wager on your expectations for Uber’s and Lyft’s future by speculating on a competitor’s stock. While the companies’ rises may seem unstoppable, both are in fact facing many competitive, legal and regulatory challenges. Competitors in the transportation industry are not going to go down without a fight. Uber’s largest legal threat is probably coming from the approximately 160,000 drivers working for them.

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Uber classifies these drivers as independent contractors and not employees. For these reasons, anyone with a bearish view on Uber can profit by investing in a company whose stock would surge if Uber fails in a sea of legal and regulatory challenges. 1 million, not including the value of your primary home. Accredited investors can give money to the private equity companies that invest in Uber. The private equity funds and venture capital companies that invested in Uber are no doubt looking forward a big payday following the IPO. The offers that appear in this table are from partnerships from which Investopedia receives compensation.

Is Uber a Safe Method of Transportation? Investopedia is part of the Dotdash publishing family. Both conventional taxis and Uber charge fares based on a combination of time and distance. Both also charge passengers for any bridge or road tolls in addition to the fare. Uber does not differentiate between cruising and stop-and-go traffic, while taxis do charge different rates based on speed. Uber offers four classes of service in New York City, each with a different price structure, as the table below shows.

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