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Millennials are often maligned for their lack of financial literacy, but there is one money skill the younger generation has in spades: saving. After growing up during the Great Recession, millennials want to keep every cent they can. This generation may be way ahead of where their parents were at the same age when how Can I Make Some Money Online comes to preparing for retirement, but the frugality doesn’t end there. Kids these days also aren’t making the same buying decisions our parents made. Here are 10 things that a disproportionate number of today’s young adults won’t shell out for.

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Many young people aren’t getting a TV at all. Millennials aren’t the only ones tuning out the tube. In 2013, Nielsen reported aggregate TV watching time shrank for the first time in four years. By all accounts, young people should be investing in equities. Unfortunately, after growing up in the Great Recession, millennials would rather put their money in a sock drawer than on Wall Street. Too be fair, an equal number admitted to having no clue what they were invested in, so hopefully their trust fund advisors are making good decisions.

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