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One of the most enduring characteristics of the UK economy is its regional imbalances. I wrote a book about North-South divisions as long ago as the 1980s, which I will not be as vulgar as to plug here, to be told by some at the time that any such imbalances were fast disappearing, and that it was all old hat. Well, that hat may be old, but it is still being worn. Such estimates have until now only been available on an annual basis and after a time lag.

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London tops the UK league, with growth of 1. Northern Ireland is a bit of an outlier, and Scotland has always done better than the regions of northern England, but otherwise the picture is reasonable clear. London and the southern regions of England have been blessed with stronger growth than the rest, and certainly than the regions of northern England. London has grown at more than twice the rate of the north east. Bear with me while I give you a few more numbers. Since annual growth turned positive in 2010, after the financial crisis, the average growth figures are London 2.

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