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How Do Umbrella Companies Make Money a physician, you are already in a high-income profession. Sometimes, however, you may need to boost your income. Maybe it’s because you’re wanting to pay off your house or the debt on your office building or your student loans. Whatever the need, there are quite a few options to boost your revenue. See More Patients Yes, this old-fashioned method still works. Ultimately medicine is a service profession.

In the most basic terms, your job is to meet patient needs. You can still do that by seeing a whole lot more patients. Often the highest income individuals are also the busiest. You likely can boost your revenue by getting closer to 100 patients seen per week. Increase Administrative Work You may be able to get a stipend as a medical director and do some administrative work for your hospital network. Some providers still have a full clinical schedule and then do their administrative work in the early morning or after work or during lunchtime meetings. This combination allows you to boost your income.

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Also, depending on your specialty, physician leaders may be compensated more than some clinicians. Change Your Specialty Do you regret not choosing a higher income field? Plenty of folks have gone back and switched from family practice to radiology, for example. If you are not up to a whole residency, could you do a fellowship? Often you can boost your income tremendously by a 1-2 year fellowship. Learn New Procedures Although we are slowly getting away from a fee-for-service system, we are not there yet.