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How do you convert a byte array to a hexadecimal string, and vice versa? How can you convert a byte array to a hexadecimal string, and vice versa? The accepted answer below appear to allocate a horrible amount of strings in the string to bytes conversion. 1586797 should be enough for performance. There are even more variants of doing it, for example here. Using Substring is the best option in combination with Convert. See this answer for more information.

Doesn’t this loop allocate a horrible amount of string objects? Honestly – until it tears down performance dramatically, I would tend to ignore this and trust the Runtime and the GC to take care of it. Because a byte is two nibbles, any hex string that validly represents a byte array must have an even character count. A 0 should not be added anywhere – to add one would be making an assumption about invalid data that is potentially dangerous.

Either it is the same as 0F, or the input was clipped and F is actually the start of something you have not received. It is up to your context to make those assumptions, but I believe a general purpose function should reject odd characters as invalid instead of making that assumption for the calling code. Now go read that string back into bytes, oops you broke it. Performance Analysis Note: new leader as of 2015-08-20. Here are the results, roughly from fastest to slowest.

If you really need top-notch performance, please test these methods in an environment representative of your production needs with data representative of what you will use. Lookup tables have taken the lead over byte manipulation. Basically, there is some form of precomputing what any given nibble or byte will be in hex. Then, as you rip through the data, you simply look up the next portion to see what hex string it would be. That value is then added to the resulting string output in some fashion. For a long time byte manipulation, potentially harder to read by some developers, was the top-performing approach.