How Do You Earn Money On Podcast Now

Enter the characters you see below Sorry, we just need to make sure you’re not a robot. Please forward this error screen to sharedip-10718057169. Your list of how Do You Earn Money On Podcast things to do was cool, but I am more interested in hobbies I can take up that could actually earn a little. First of all, I excluded things that require significant training in order to be able to pull off. Almost anyone can make a passing attempt at any of these things almost any time. Sure, they might not be very good, but you can actually do them and you will get better with practice.

For the most part, I’m excluding these things and sticking with stuff you can start doing pretty quickly with only an online guide or two to help you when you’re starting. Second, I excluded things that require a lot of equipment that you may not have. You might be able to make some money if you have a 3D printer, for example, but many people do not. I have a friend, for example, who has made some money printing off miniatures from a 3D printer, but that’s not accessible to most people. Third, I also excluded location-specific things. For example, in the area where I grew up, people used to hunt for geodes to earn some extra money.

Those things really require you to be in specific areas to be able to pull them off, so I’m not including them, either. Ready to pick up a new hobby and make a few bucks along the way? You don’t need a perfect script. You just need a camera and a good idea, nothing else. There are videos out there depicting people’s cats being cute. There are videos out there of some guy dressed up as Batman doing ordinary dad stuff. There are infinite videos out there of clever hidden camera situations.

There are videos out there of water balloon pranks. All of those have been hits in the past. In the end, all you really need is a cute idea and a rough vision of how to turn it into a video. Turn on the camera, make it happen, upload it to Youtube, and share it with your friends. You’ll never know, though, until you spend an afternoon with a camera making a video. Podcasts can be incredibly enjoyable, both for the person listening and the person recording.

I’ve been on both ends of the equation many times and both are enjoyable. All you really need to record your own podcast is a computer and a microphone. You can even record one using just your smartphone if it’s a simple solo show without much editing. Of course, when it becomes popular, you can actually start making money with it.

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