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Picking up new how Does Vice Media Make Money as an adult can be tricky, especially when your energy and free time is precious. But prowess in different areas is not all created equal. Investing in certain abilities can get you big rewards for relatively little effort. MONEY interviewed dozens of experts in different fields to find out which skills, tricks, and workarounds are most financially worthwhile. Here are 10 moves you can make without much preparation. But how do you get one?

Don’t dominate—nudge the group toward concrete goals. You’ve now freed a room of grateful co-workers to move on. Research by Adam Grant at the Wharton School has shown that successful people do more favors at work, but don’t be afraid to ask for tiny favors too. We may actually feel more warmly toward people after lending them a hand—our brains figure we must have done so because we like that person. It’s been called the Benjamin Franklin effect: The Founding Father recalled winning over a legislative rival after borrowing a book from him.

It’s easier than ever to dip a toe into languages with free tools like Duolingo, a site and app that make learning like a game. 300 for 20 hours of instruction. Invest your time and money wisely: The payoff is in less commonly studied languages. LECG Europe study found that speaking German translated into a higher wage premium than for second languages overall. There’s a big market for Mandarin. English and psych degrees aren’t out of luck: There are ways to use technology smarter—and get recognized for it—at all levels.

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For example, if there’s any need to quantify your business’s activity, being the office Excel guru makes you valuable. Want to compete with true techies? 110,000, says data crunched by qz. If all this sounds like too much work, at least Google better. And check the image search results: The data you need may be in a chart someone has posted. Go to Google’s help center for more power tips. A clear, unfussy writing style will get your ideas heard at work.

HR pros ranked writing second, behind only computer aptitude, among skills applicants most often lacked. Avoid fancy words you don’t need or understand. If you use hoity-toity words to sound posh, you will look pompous and may say the opposite of what you mean. The President is desirous of trying to see how we can make our efforts in order to find a way to facilitate. And better still, show it to someone.

What’s clear to you may not be clear to someone else. If you run a business or work in marketing, social media like Twitter seem like a great way to get your message out. But remember that users have zero interest in following companies that clutter their feed with ads. Hannah Morgan, co-author of Social Networking for Business Success, explains that a good tweet is self-contained and has a discrete piece of information worth sharing.

Add eggs one at a time so you can mix in evenly. For more tips check out our Baking 101 guide. Try three key moves from former Fidelity president Bob Pozen, author of Extreme Productivity: First, handle each email just once. Reply, file, or trash—don’t come back to it later. Finally, you might want to consider timing your breaks, since research shows your brain loses focus on a task after about 90 minutes.

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A better approach now is an email designed to cut through the electronic clutter. Use the subject line to note your key selling points. Director of Sales—10 Years of Exceeding Sales Quotas—MBA. In the body of the email, spotlight a major accomplishment. Follow up with three big career wins in bullet points. Some jobs always require a professional but, with a little prep, tasks like painting a room or replacing your car’s air filters can be a piece of cake—and save you a solid amount of money. 1,600 for a big job, vs.

400 in materials on your own. Painting should go in two types of strokes: First apply a thin layer for coverage. Then paint over it to even and smooth. You can replace your car’s air filters yourself every 12,000 miles on newer cars. You’ll typically find the cabin filter inside the car, behind the glove box.

Everyone hates paying a late fee just because of a forgotten reminder to pay a bill on time. And few tasks are as irritating as foraging for receipts from months and months ago. The key to never losing track of important papers is to keep just one bin and make sure to empty your pockets and purse into it every night. Then set a regular date on your calendar to empty the bin and organize the receipts. If you find it hard to even check your calendar on a routine basis, pair a daily check with your morning coffee—or any other routine you already have. Money may receive compensation for some links to products and services on this website. Offers may be subject to change without notice.

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