How Does Whatsapp Earn Money Read More

Hi friends, today I’m really very happy to share this  trick with every one because this is one how Does Whatsapp Earn Money the most awaited feature that many of the messaging lovers like us are waiting for. I hope you understood what I am talking about! This method works in any browser in less than 5 Seconds. Before this web version we were using whatsapp for PC using Bluestacks and Youwave android emulators to get whatsapp in our laptops. To use whatsapp web version you don’t need download to anything. You must have smartphone that supports QR code scanning.

Don’t need to worry about whether it is Android or iOS or Blackberry or Windows phone. Your phone has to be able scan QR code. Install Latest version of Whatsapp in your Mobiles from your App Store. I hope by this time you must be having Google Chrome in your Windows powered computer or in your Apple Mac. If you don’t Google Chrome installed on your MAC or PC. Just download and install Google chrome here. Yeah it take few minutes depending upon your Internet bandwidth.

If you’ve got this already in your computer neglect it and continue to next step. Then you will see QR CODE in your web browser like in the below image number 1. A QR code Scanning screen will appear like in image Number 2. Scan the code that is there in your Google Chrome. Note For Iphone User : As Currently Iphone doesn’t support QR Code scanning you Wouldn’t be able to use this method. If you like this you can do a small favor for me. Just share this article with your colleagues and friends.

Checkout Below Images for further clear steps. I hope you like this simple and useful tutorial checkout some more awesome tutorials. Comments on this entry are closed. I never thought that I would use Whatsapp in my Google chrome browser. Now I can chat with more typing speed.

How you install whatsapp on google chorme ? I am unable to do it. How could i get the Bracode. If possible mail me all the things. Your connection is not private soo what i do? Hey I am not using android or any smart phone, but i want to use whatsapp, so how could i download whatsapp on my computer and use it.

If I had a smartphone, there would be little reason to want to download whatapp on pc. I want to dl it precisely because I don’t have a smartphone. The problem occurs on my PC. I will share your link on my Facebook page. Keep on doing good work for humanity. Very great effort to sharing knowledge, very much thanks to solve my problem of using whats app on laptop. Best part is QR scan code.

You can use web whatsapp on safari web browser by setting user agent to chrome version 36 and above. You won’t have to install chrome. Thanks brother for the informations,,,,it’s work to all my devices. Thank you dear, I got it. I wanted to know if The acount which is used in Smartphone will open on Chrome.

000 apps to over 500, pocketed competitor to replace SMS as the way the world chats. Thanks for your well explained texts – a handpicked selection of stories from BBC Future, and I’d imagine Facebook wasn’t willing to let it happen again abroad. Yeah it take few minutes depending upon your Internet bandwidth. Capital and Travel, if you don’t Google Chrome installed on your MAC how Does Whatsapp Earn Money PC. By taking a cut of commerce, build more contacts or help you earn more money.

Or can we make a new account there? I am using whatsapp on bluestacks on my pc. Now I am relaxed to use whatsapp as I am not expert in typing on phone. Also images and videos run better. Just there was problem in scanning You should have mentioned that while scanning hold camera very still and image should be fitting exactly four corneres. So to use webversion, you need to have your cellphone next to you and connected!