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The tool aims to transform the ways companies assess their risks and perform strategic planning. Ben has an extensive background in risk assessment and strategic planning,  having spent decades working in senior roles across a variety of industries in the UK, Europe and Australasia. The tool helps drive the strategic planning and risk assessment processes, transforming these functions to something that is both dynamic and action oriented through the incorporation of surveys, dashboards, workshopping functionality, Gantt-Charts, and real time market feeds on key risk and opportunity indicators. Oracle Open World billed as the world’s largest how Earning Money Birs for Oracle customers, partners and technologists drew to a close on Thursday. Four days of extreme immersion in power packed networking, knowledge sharing and technological innovations were the key takeaways of this extravagant event. OOW18 was held at San Francisco between October 22nd to 25th this year.

Covalense is the ideal partner to work with” acknowledged David Goswick, CEO, Houze, United States, in his keynote on “Monetization” at Oracle Open World 2018. Covalense is proud to receive yet another award from Oracle . The event was held at Bangkok, between September 19-20, 2018. Covalense glorious journey of 12 years! We have completed 12 years of successful journey with implementations across 17 geographies and going great. We have built a good brand name and eminent good will among all our clients.

Covalense receives a how Earning Money Birs testimonial from one of how Earning Money Birs clients, they have extensive discussions with Covalense’s management and the technical teams on new IT initiatives and projects for Open Wānanga in coming months. Covalense  announces a strategic win in the North American marketplace with the World’s first Digital Utilities company, australia and India. Shiloh has extensive consulting and sales experience and involved with Accenture, a premier telecom operator in Malaysia for their interconnect operations support activities as part of the Managed Services. Experience and demonstrable track record in the provision of web services supported by customer references to deliver web services in New Zealand. Knowledge sharing and technological innovations were the key takeaways how Earning Money Birs this extravagant event.

We have always strived to give our best. We are better positioned and have the deepest commitment to our clients and partners. We will continue with the same winning spirit and compete in the healthy competition we are in today. With all your diligent efforts, dedication and commitment we will rise and take the quantum leap ahead. My heartfelt thanks and best wishes to you, your families and friends who have always stood with us and made us what we are today.

I wish you all Great Times Ahead! LTE-Advanced network that delivers superfast call-connect times, crystal clear Voice-over-LTE and most advanced broadband-based solutions in the African marketplace. Covalense  announces a strategic win in the North American marketplace with the World’s first Digital Utilities company, Zerogrid, a Subsidiary of HOUZE group based in United States. Covalense will deliver end-to-end Omni-channel digital customer experience using its ground-breaking solution , cSMART cloud for their multi-play services like Energy, Power, Gas, Telco and so forth. Covalense was proud to be a part of the very first India-South Africa Business Summit held at Johannesburg this April. The event was a collaborative effort by the governments of India and South Africa respectively. Covalense presented cSMART at its booth among a wide audience and enthusiasts.

There were many flocking the booth inquisitive to explore the opportunity to grow with cSMART. The Covalense Technology Day held on April 21st was an engaging and insightful event. The speakers known for their expertise and innovation delivered meaningful insights that transformed today’s Technology Industry. The audience were a huge set of inquisitive people yearning to learn more. Oracle Industry Connect held at New York this year.