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Access to this page has been denied because we believe you are using automation tools to browse the website. How I Invest In Our NewsletterWIRED’s biggest stories delivered to your inbox. The idea is to figure out for each incident who was involved, where it happened and when it might go down. Recorded Future then plots that chatter, showing online “momentum” for any given event. The cool thing is, you can actually predict the curve, in many cases,” says company CEO Christopher Ahlberg, a former Swedish Army Ranger with a PhD in computer science. Which naturally makes the 16-person Cambridge, Massachusetts, firm attractive to Google Ventures, the search giant’s investment division, and to In-Q-Tel, which handles similar duties for the CIA and the wider intelligence community.

It’s not the very first time Google has done business with America’s spy agencies. Long before it reportedly enlisted the help of the National Security Agency to secure its networks, Google sold equipment to the secret signals-intelligence group. This appears to be the first time, however, that the intelligence community and Google have funded the same startup, at the same time. No one is accusing Google of directly collaborating with the CIA. But the investments are bound to be fodder for critics of Google, who already see the search giant as overly cozy with the U. TV shows, newspaper articles, blog posts, online videos and radio reports.

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Secret information isn’t always the brass ring in our profession,” then CIA-director General Michael Hayden told a conference in 2008. In fact, there’s a real satisfaction in solving a problem or answering a tough question with information that someone was dumb enough to leave out in the open. In-Q-Tel, have invested in a number of firms to help them better find that information. Visible Technologies crawls over half a million web 2.

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Recorded Future strips from web pages the people, places and activities they mention. Then it applies some artificial-intelligence algorithms to tease out connections between the players. Recorded Future maintains an index with more than 100 million events, hosted on Amazon. The analysis, however, is on the living web. We’re right there as it happens,” Ahlberg told Danger Room as he clicked through a demonstration. We can assemble actual real-time dossiers on people. Recorded Future certainly has the potential to spot events and trends early.