How Is Telegram Make Money

Enter the characters you see below Sorry, we just need to make sure you’re not a robot. Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. I write about business and investing in emerging markets. Unless you’re a one-percenter, Telegram’s how Is Telegram Make Money for you. Telegram’s new cryptocurrency is not for the riff-raff.

Forget this new blockbuster initial coin offering by Russian developed messaging app, Telegram. It’s a private sale and only open to professional investors in the U. The closed nature of this ICO makes it more like a security than the usual utility token offered up by startups. Utility tokens are like coupons offering discounts on services provided by the startup and its new coin. Security tokens are not as common. Retail investors with a few grand to dabble in crypto will not be able to participate. Investors have a lockup period of around two years.

First round sales of tokens are being sold based on the Simple Agreement for Future Tokens scheme. GRAM buyers are hoping for a break in current protocol. Anti Danilevski, CEO of KickICO in Moscow, doubts the second pool of tokens will be sold under a different scheme than the first. You need to be an accredited investor to get in.

Telegram is big news in Russia. It’s founder, Pavel Durov, is an icon in social media, having created Facebook copycat Vkontakte. Durov is even more well known for standing up to the Russian intelligence service. With Telegram, he has fought the Russian FSB tooth and nail to keep their encryption keys a secret.

That’s won him accolades from the stateless, somewhat anti-authoritarian crypto community. Telegram is the messaging app preferred by the blockchain and Bitcoin crowd. Rich investors from Asia, Europe and the U. GRAM coins and spend them on goods and services on the app. Vlad Dobrov, an ICO consultant and CEO of QYK Bar, a startup using blockchain technology for liquor sales.

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