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Are FCNR deposits with Forward Cover Completely Tax free for NRIs in India? The revised forms and procedures will also be applicable for transfer of funds from NRO to NRE account. While the revised rule reduces the procedures for certain payments, it shifts the onus on the remitter and increases the liability of the Chartered Accountants. Let’s analyze the changes and its how Long Does Bank To Bank Money Transfer Take. The procedures and forms are different for each category. The payment  does not exceed Rs. 50,000 and aggregate of such payments does not exceed Rs.

From October 1, 2013, CA Certificate in Form 15CB will not be required for payments in first 2 categories. 250,000 during a financial year or if it is covered in the specified list. The specified list specifies 39 nature of payments and also mentions the purpose code for each nature. For any other payment, CA certificate in Form 15CB, which is completely revamped, would be required.

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While Form 15CB kept the basic information the same, such as name, address, country of remittance, amount of remittance, bank details, nature of remittance, etc. While there is no change in the procedures, the Form 15CA has been revised. The revised Form 15CA has 3 parts. Information in Part A of the Form 15CA is to be furnished if the remittance does not exceed 50,000 or 250,000 in aggregate in a financial year. For Part B of the Form No. For any other payment, information in Part C of the Form 15CA is to be furnished.

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Send money in over 130 currencies. From the funds acquired from this sale, please confirm if the amount in 15CB or 15CA or both forms is wrong. Who may not how Long Does Bank To Bank Money Transfer Take aware, thank you very much for the reply and suggestions. 000 or 250, many thanks for your considered response to my query. Who is a senior citizen, whether taxable or not, i will need more information to accurately calculate the tax on sale of property.

Part C of the Form 15CA is to be used when CA Certificate in Form 15CB is received. Section A relates to General Information of Remitter, Remitee, Accountant and AO Order, if any. Section B is to be prepared as per the certificate of the accountant and has all the details as included in the Form 15CB as explained above. What does this all mean for NRIs? For NRIs, who is remitting the money abroad or transferring the funds from NRO account to NRE account, will need to follow the revised rules, furnish the updated forms and complete the new procedures from October 1, 2013. If the payment does not exceed Rs. 250,000 in a financial year, remittance can be made just by submitting Part A of Form 15CA but NRI will assume all the liability for the transfer.

NRIs that are included in the specified list. For such remittance, NRI will be required to certify of its taxability as mentioned earlier. NRI would have to know or learn how to submit the Form 15CA online without the help of a Chartered Accountant if no CA Certificate in Form 15CB to be submitted. As a result, NRIs are to obtain the CA Certificate in revised and detailed Form 15CB and furnish the revised Form 15CA. NRIs may also be at the mercy of the bank employees, who may not be aware, not have sufficient knowledge or experience of the new procedures. Experience of Chartered Accountant and Liaison with the Bank would be key from October 1, 2013. Tax section, DTAA articles, rates etc.

If No Certificate in Form 15CB, the responsibility of determining taxability would be on the Remitter. Chartered Accountants would have to be EXTRA careful as they would now have to research in detail with income tax section and DTAA article number and provide specific detail, thereby increasing the responsibility of determining taxability of remittance. This could increase the time and cost to issue the certificate. If you are planning to remit funds outside India or transfer from NRO to NRE, please complete the transfer BEFORE Sept. The rules and procedures have been revised again. Jigar specializes on NRI Investments and Taxation. He is proud to be one of only 21 CFA Charterholders in India working as consultants.

While uploading the Form 15 CB, following errors have been committed by me. Management fees paid under Technical Fees. TDS done by the client was 10. Article 13 but TDS done at 10. Technical Fees but in fact it was done under Technical Fees. Hence, rate of DTAA not mentioned. In all the above case, TDS done at 10.