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Money: How We Choose by Mrs. There exists out there in the world a misconception that extreme frugality dooms you to a life of intense labor that could otherwise be provided for you through an expenditure of money. But in our experience, that’s simply not true. It’s all about striking a harmonious balance between the allocation of time and the outlay of money. I used to think that money could almost always be traded for time, but I’ve come to realize that through frugality, it’s often possible to optimize for both.

If you’d told me this before we’d embraced the beauty of frugality and started our journey to financial independence, I would’ve thought you were crazy. After all, isn’t it always one or the other? I’ve discussed the non-monetary benefits of frugality before, but I think saving time is perhaps the most noteworthy. This is the optimal situation to find oneself in: the ability to simultaneously save the treasured resources of time and money.

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I’m here to tell you it is. The magic of frugality comes to the fore yet again, my friends! A prime example are our DIY at-home haircuts. At first blush, it might seem like going to the salon or barber is a fair exchange of time for money, but in reality, you’re losing a great deal of both. Case in point: it takes me 15 minutes to buzz Mr.