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How much money do Uber drivers really earn? Since launching in 2009, the company has often changed its fares in the cities in which it operates. The how Much Earnest Money is further complicated because the studies seeking to answer that question over the years have each taken different approaches. So we’ve reviewed several studies to get a handle on how much drivers make. 155 a month — third most among the nine gig platforms surveyed. People working with Airbnb and Lyft tended to earned more. 364 a month — fourth most — suggesting some drivers are taking home the lion’s share of possible earnings.

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Earnest did not ask drivers to say whether these figures were gross or net. The study also did not factor in how many hours individuals worked to earn this income, so we can’t gauge how much drivers made on an hourly basis. Here were the totals for all platforms analyzed by Earnest, with Uber highlighted. Campbell recently conducted his own study, which polled 1,150 drivers from both Uber and Lyft. 68 per hour before factoring in expenses like gas, maintenance, and depreciation.

50 per hour before expenses, and reported much higher satisfaction than Uber drivers. Drivers can pick up more passengers and therefore make more money if they’re willing to work during peak-demand periods, which often mean late nights on weekends. Uber charges different rates in different markets, and big, bustling cities tend to have more passengers in need of rides, so it makes sense that driver earnings have also been found to vary widely by city. To get an idea of how an individual driver’s earnings are affected by changing one’s location and company affiliation, Money spoke to a driver who wished to be identified simply as Matt, in his mid-20s. He recently moved from Raleigh, N. San Francisco and switched from Uber to Lyft. 6 per hour in North Carolina.

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