How Much Invest Instagram Marketing Today

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But first, you’ll need to understand how Instagram works. Instagram posts are photos, and this is a fact. Instagram was designed as a social network that focuses on encouraging users to post high quality photographs. Sharing information via visual content, that’s the main concept. And although Instagram introduced a couple of improvements, the main concept didn’t change. But how to make your posts enticing, exactly? Surely it can’t be the quality of photo alone that determines one’s success on this social platform.

High-quality photos, consistency in posting, interacting with your audience, great tags, insightful but brief descriptions. That’s how you create enticing content that will surely get you some attention on Instagram. The most efficient way to get real followers is to adhere to these three golden rules of Instagram. There’s quite a lot of editing behind every post that successful Instagrammer shares with its audience. Every photo is carefully designed to evoke an emotion, and invite people to interact with it. It can be a clever description or a well-placed hashtag. To successfully create an enticing content that will get you a lot of attention, you need to make sure that it consists of three essential elements.

Your photos must be of highest quality, your hashtags and description need to be precise and spot on, and you should interact with positive comments. You can’t expect from people to have your attention if you aren’t giving any in return. So let’s further discuss these points and explain each concept in detail. Sometimes the quality of your photo just isn’t enough to evoke any emotion from your targeted audience.

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This is where hashtags and description comes to place. But how do you make sure that you’re using the right description or hashtags? First of all use hashtags that are relative to your content. You might be promoting a brand or your own concept of quality. So use something that further describes your photo, yet leaves some blank spots so that you get interaction from your followers. This will invite people to ask questions and post comments on your shared content. And this is what gets you attention.

You need to pick the right hashtags that both you and your audience share interest in. A brief, precise description is all that you need to complete your post. Accessorize your photos with different styles of descriptions, add question marks, and learn how to get the attention of your followers. You need to adapt the description style to your content’s. So always make sure it’s relative to your content without going too much into describing what you’re all about. Providing top quality photos and enticing description won’t get you far in terms of acquiring publicity on Instagram unless you communicate with similar brands and your loyal audience. To achieve the status of a respectable Instagrammer you need to reach out to those that follow you and inspire you.

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Pick a few successful accounts that have similar content as you do, and post constructive comments with a few words of praise. This will show your audience that you support the development of same ideas that you promote. Which is only natural, but it separates you from the rest of accounts with pretentious, self-important intent. Create a daily routine of posting well-constructed, vibrant comments on relevant content to your own. Show your audience that there is a real person, with real interests, behind your account. Another way to interact with your audience is to create contests or ask questions about the quality of your posts. This way you directly invite them to interact with your posts, which will provide mutual benefits.

Instagram is a social network with a huge number of accounts. Over 600 million people use Instagram on a monthly basis. Among various types of people, there are those with questionable ethics that use Instagram as well, and you need to protect yourself from them. Whenever you ask someone to follow you, provided that you follow them, make sure that they are transparent with their intentions. This means that unfollowing after being followed is not acceptable and that you don’t think highly about similar actions. They will usually sound too eager to start the process.