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Your browser will redirect to your requested content shortly. Your browser will redirect to how Much Is 300 Euros In American Money requested content shortly. In the past decade, telecommunications has turned into a highly competitive industry where companies are competing to buy valuable spectrum. This competition has been triggered by technological advancements, privatization, and liberalization. With more providers in the mobile industry, the competition during spectrum auctions has increased due to more demand from consumers.

When the United States made the transition in June 2009 from analog to digital broadcast television signals, the valuable 700 MHz spectrum became available because it was no longer being used by analog TV signals. A well-designed auction is the method most likely to allocate resources to those who can use them most valuably. Rather than rely on government to assess the merits of competing firms’ business plans, an auction forces businessmen to put their “money where their mouths are” when they make their bids. Auctions usually raise important sums of money provided there is competition among many bidders. The Canada 2008 Wireless Spectrum Auction beginning on 2008-05-27 Industry Canada commenced an auction for 105 MHz of spectrum with 40 MHz reserved for new entrants.

In August 2011, Canada has made the switch from analog to digital television. August 14, 2015 to coordinate their frequencies in their border zone. From 2000-07-31 to 2000-08-18, the German government conducted an auction for 12 frequency blocks for the new UMTS mobile telephony standard. The total of the bids exceeded expectations by reaching the staggering amount of DEM 98. India was among the early adopters of spectrum auctions beginning auctions in 1991. Despite the early start in auctions, services have been slow to roll out caused by unforeseen problems with the design and rules of the auction. Indian company alone had the financial means to enter the industry.

This auction awarded spectrum rights of use in the 800 MHz, 900 MHz and 1800 MHz bands in Ireland from 2013 to 2030. Licences were issued in respect of two time slices, the first ending contemporaneously with the expiry of the last existing licence in the 900 MHz band and close in time to the expiry of existing licences in the 1800 MHz band. No change resulted from the negotiation phase. The existing licences in the 900 MHz and 1800 MHz bands were restricted to GSM use only. During the year 2013 Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of the Slovak Republic concluded a CCA electronic auction for spectrum licences from the 800 MHz, 1800 MHz and 2600 MHz frequency bands. Most frequencies from the 1800 MHz band had been already used to provide public electronic communication services in the Slovak republic.

Before the auction three existing national mobile operators had leased 2 x 15. Remaining fragments of frequencies with a total size of 2 x 20. 4 MHz became the subject of the auction. These fragments ranged from 2 x 0. The Authority created a total of 8 blocks in 7 categories with the largest blocks of 2 x 5 MHz.

According to ECC decision 2600 MHz band was split into two categories: FDD with 14 blocks of 2 x 5 MHz and TDD with 10 blocks of 1 x 5 MHz each. Reserve price was set at EUR 1. 1 million per FDD block and EUR 400,000 per TDD block. In 2600 MHz frequency range no operator had leased the spectrum before the auction. The maximum frequency spectrum that could be assigned to one company on the 2600 MHz band was not limited. The auction brought also a new mobile operator, company called Swan.

Total revenue of auction has been EUR 163. All of the auctioned blocks were sold. The sold licences are valid till 2028. 2013 The 4G auction took place in 2013.

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