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Our Introduction web page is a good place to begin the process of learning more about the subject. Associates appreciates your taking the time to visit us. The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious. It is the fundamental emotion which stands at the cradle of true art and true science. Whoever does not know it and can no longer wonder, no longer marvel, is as good as dead, and his eyes are dimmed.

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The World As I See It,” originally published in FORUM AND CENTURY, 1931. I’m enough of an artist to draw freely on my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. A man must learn to understand the motives of human beings, their illusions, and their sufferings. Whoever undertakes to set himself up as a judge in the field of Truth and Knowledge is shipwrecked by the laughter of the gods. German rabbi and theologian Leo Baeck, 1953. I believe in intuitions and inspirations.

I sometimes feel that I am right. I do not know if I am. My Future Plans, September 18, 1896. One cannot help but be in awe when contemplating the mysteries of eternity, of life, of the marvelous structure of reality.

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