How Much Money Did Doodle Jump Make Now

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Krabs says that he likes money a lot, Plankton says, “If you love money so much, why don’t you marry it? Krabs takes out the trash from the Krusty Krab and hears someone crying. He spots a small lady made out of dollar bills on a nearby bench and is easily smitten. Krabs asks why she was crying and she says that her date was supposed to take her to the bank but stood her up. The lady introduces herself as Cashina, and Mr. Krabs asks if he could take her out to dinner. Cashina says that she would love to.

Krabs if he knows any secrets or formulas. Krabs mentions that he knows one but for delicious kisses. He then proceeds to kiss Cashina, but Plankton quickly presses a button that replaces her lips with ones that electrocute him on contact. Nevertheless, he took the kiss well.

Krabs’ house, Pearl finds out about his relationship with Cashina and disapproves it, claiming that she can’t have a stepmother like the ones she saw in the movies because then she won’t get her “Prince Charming. In an attempt to change her mind, Mr. However, Pearl immediately doesn’t like her and storms off to her room. Krabs wants to talk to Pearl, but Cashina says that she will do it alone.

Krabs and Cashina takes place, the two exchange vows and then kiss, causing Mr. Krabs and Cashina are officially married. Krabs and Cashina later go out to Honeymoon Hotel where he proceeds to kiss her again, only to be stopped. Krabs to tell her the secret formula and he says that he will. Krabs is about to tell her the formula, he starts sweating nervously and his eyes get watery.

How Much Money Did Doodle Jump Make In Our Generation

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