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Enter the characters you see below Sorry, we just need to make sure you’re not a robot. He provokes the ire of a major network station how Much Money Did Indiana Jones Make dislikes the competitive upstart. Yankovic and Levey wrote the film after Yankovic’s second studio album, looking to apply the musician’s parody and comedy to film, and chose the approach of George being a straight man with a vivid imagination to support the inclusion of parodies within the film. UHF earned mixed critical reviews, and was further impacted by being released in the middle of one of Hollywood’s largest blockbuster summer periods. While only a modest success during its theatrical release, it became a cult film on home video. Factory released a special 25th Anniversary edition of UHF on November 11, 2014 on DVD and Blu-ray.

George Newman is a Walter Mitty-esque daydreamer whose hyperactive imagination keeps him and his friend Bob Speck from holding a steady job. George’s uncle Harvey Bilchik wins the deed to Channel 62, a UHF television station on the verge of bankruptcy, in a poker game. The Beverly Hillbillies reruns and Wile E. Channel 8 in the ratings and plots revenge. Led by Stanley’s boundless energy, the telethon gets off to a quick start but grinds to a halt after he is kidnapped by a group of Channel 8 henchmen. Eventually, in watching taped footage of the Channel 8 news office, Philo spies Stanley on the screen, thus officially confirming everyone’s suspicions. He shows George, who then leads a group to infiltrate Channel 8 and rescue Stanley.

The story concept they created was based on Yankovic’s approach to his music videos, making parodies of other works. The two attempted to shop the script around Hollywood film agencies for about three years without luck. They were surprised when one of their agents had shown the script to the founders of a new production company, Cinecorp, who were interested in the script and had given it to directors Gene Kirkwood and John W. Kirkwood stated he has previously seen Yankovic’s videos and wanted to make a movie with him. The title of the film was selected to refer to, at the time of the film’s writing, the predominance of local television stations operating on ultra-high-frequency broadcasts, which were typically known for quirky, low-cost production shows, which the film spoofed. Gray Frederickson had earlier finished shooting of The Outsiders in Oklahoma, and found the ease and the cost to film in the state to be favorable for the needs of UHF.

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The Burger World location was Harden’s Hamburgers at 6835 East 15th Street in Tulsa, and “Bowling for Burgers” was filmed at Rose Bowl Lanes on East 11th Street. The bar location was Joey’s House of the Blues at 2222 East 61st Street. Yankovic had been impressed with Richards’ stand-up comedy and performance on the show Fridays. Other principal roles were cast through normal auditions, with most of the choices based on how well the actor fit the role. For George’s girlfriend Teri Campbell, they didn’t feel that they needed to spend a significant amount of time developing this side as they did not consider Yankovic to be the type of actor for a romantic lead.

Fran Drescher was selected for the role of Pamela Finklestein, in part for her established comedy as well as her nasally voice that made for a humorous contrast for a news anchor. For George’s friend Bob Speck, they looked for an actor that could be seen as a friend to George. At one point, they had considered Jerry Seinfeld for the role, but he had turned it down. David Bowe, who had been a long-time Yankovic fan, easily fit the role during auditions. Philo’s role was written with Joel Hodgson in mind, building on Hodgson’s stand-up routines of using homemade inventions and deadpan comedy.

Hodgson turned down the role feeling at the time that he wasn’t a good actor. Kuni was written with the intention of being performed by Gedde Watanabe from the start. Emo Philips was a close friend of Yankovic, and Yankovic felt that he had to include Philips in the movie, eventually creating the role of the clumsy shop teacher for him. Although they ended up using Vance Colvig Jr. Ginger Baker of the rock band Cream had volunteered to audition for the role, but Yankovic and the production team found Colvig to be a better fit.

Levey himself appears in the movie playing Mahatma Gandhi in the spoof segment Gandhi II. Trinidad Silva had performed his primary scenes, but he died in a car accident after returning home. Although they had planned on bringing back Silva’s character for the telethon scene which had not yet been filmed, they were too grief-stricken for the use of body doubles and dropped this. The film was dedicated to Silva. 24 reviews, with an average score of 5.

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According to Yankovic’s Behind the Music episode, UHF enjoyed one of the most successful test screenings in Orion’s history. Orion Pictures released UHF on July 21, 1989 as a hopeful summer blockbuster, hoping that it would pull them out of the water. Club, in a retrospective, called UHF “a sapling among the redwoods” and the type of film that Hollywood has since abandoned. UHF has since become a cult classic, becoming very popular on cable and home video. The movie was re-released in Europe, the United States and Canada on VHS, but because of the little money earned at the box office, it soon fell out of print.

Though Yankovic has considered the possibility of a sequel, he has not actively pursued this. Yankovic noted that UHF is “a product of its era, and comedy has changed so much over the decades”, but also considered that the type of comedy predated the nature of Internet phenomena and viral videos. Gedde Watanabe reprised his role as Kuni in a guest appearance on The Weird Al Show. Weird Al’s music video “Word Crimes” gives a nod to this movie. It is a song talking about errant grammar used by people online and in the English language. A webseries called The Real UHF which was heavily inspired by UHF started in 2009, and starred Dr.

Demento, Neil Hamburger and Count Smokula. We got it all on UHF: An oral history of “Weird Al” Yankovic’s cult classic”. UHF’s’ attempts to be funny a complete failure”. Weird Al” Yankovic gives old college a try with UHF”. Weird Al’s UHF is uneven, but that just made it ahead of its time”.