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How do I Get a Credit Card for My LLC? This may impact how and where links appear on our site. Our site does not include all available financial offers or all available financial companies. If you already have an LLC formed, then you’how Much Money Do Credit Unions Spend On Social Media ready to go. If not, then you’ll want to form your LLC before attempting to open any financial accounts in the name of the LLC. Opening an account in your name personally does not afford the same protections as opening one in the name of your LLC.

Browse credit card offers online and apply. Go directly to a credible bank’s website. Well Fargo, and local banks and credit unions. Again, getting a credit card for your LLC is not that hard.

By getting a credit card for your LLC, you’ll begin building credit history for your company. Again, your SSN and personal credit history are just used during the application. I recommend getting a business credit card for your LLC that has no annual fee and that offers a good cashback or rewards program. Here’s an example of what you can expect when applying for an LLC business credit card.

Find a card you like and click apply. You’ll get redirected to a new page. Enter your LLC name, type of business, Federal Tax ID Number, business category, number of employees, annual revenue, years in business, and your address. This address does not have to be the exact same address you used when you registered your LLC with the state. Select your title, enter your name, address, and your personal annual income. LLC’s revenue plus any other streams of revenue that you have.

On the next page, you need to review and accept. If you’d like to add additional cardholders to the account you can, but you don’t have to. Same thing with a balance transfer. You can transfer a balance if needed, skip, or do it later. If your LLC business credit card is approved, it will be sent to you in the mail in 7-10 business days. Sometimes the credit card issuer will ask for you to call. This is nothing to be concerned with.

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It’s just a security protocol and they most likely need to verify the information that you entered during the application. Feel free to repeat the process above for a different card. You can apply for 2-4 cards if you’d like. Hard inquiries have the smallest impact on your overall credit. This means paying them off every month to keep your balances down.

I recommend keeping a spreadsheet with all of your credit card information for sanity. For security, don’t list the entire 16-digits of your cards, but do keep information on what the terms of the card are, as well as how to reach the issuer in case of loss or fraud. How can I get an unsecured business credit card for my LLC if my credit is really bad? Look, if you’re credit sucks and your business is brand new, you should not be getting credit! But most companies won’t tell you this.

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