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Please forward this error screen to bluechip2. Enter the characters you see below Sorry, we just need to make sure you’re not a robot. Enter the characters you see below Sorry, we just need to make sure you’re not a robot. Menu IconA vertical stack of three evenly spaced horizontal lines. How Much Money Do Drawing Artists Make has since settled all her student loans by selling her own art work, but it wasn’t easy. As a professional artist, there was no roadmap to follow as she tried to pursue her craft and keep a roof over her head. Enter “Living and Sustaining a Creative Life,” the book Louden edited featuring candid essays by 40 working artists on how they make a living.

Artists used to come up under other famous artists,” EFA Studios director Bill Carroll said at this week’s book release event at Morgan Lehman Gallery in Chelsea. Reubens wasn’t just teaching you how to paint, but how to get commissions and work with clients. That kind of commercial talk is largely absent in today’s art curriculum. Dozens of MFA students are pushed into the real world without a clue as to how to sell their work and themselves. It feels kind of like bathroom talk,” contributing artist David Humphry said of the business side of art. The contributing artists shared their stories of doing everything from teaching and painting houses to working Craigslist jobs and investing in real estate to sustain their creative practices. When you’re young, you talk to everybody,” contributing artist Ellen Harvey told Business Insider.

Your career gets its own momentum once you start meeting people. Artists rely a lot on other artists and you can’t overlook that generosity. I think it’s also important to buy other artists’ work. When times get tough, artists can sell the work in their collections or trade on the goodwill of being an active participant in the marketplace. My goal has always been to have an art career.

When I got money and I was presented with the option of paying my rent or going to Miami for Art Basel, I would go to Miami,” he said. I got into some really scary financial situations because I thought I had to sacrifice everything for the art. It forced me to soberly look at my money and ask if I’m spending it the best I can. I’ve really tried to be more responsible,” Hanson said, “and get jobs that pay well.

He primarily makes money by selling his art work, but also works odd jobs he thinks will fulfill his creative practice. Over the summer, he got a job on Craigslist to work with antique carousels at a carnival on Governors Island, south of Manhattan. I interned with three galleries and got a lot of experience with the behind-the-scenes work like art selling and handling, even down to things that are good for the website and marketing. When you’re working for free , you want to make sure you learn something. Ingrisano, the youngest contributor to “Living and Sustaining a Creative Life,” teaches drawing at Briarcliff College in Long Island when he’s not making massive ink drawings in his own studio. People just assume that if you’re in a gallery, all that work is sold and you’re living well, but that’s not the case.

A lot of that art goes back to that person’s studio. Having gallery representation is not the answer to economic stability,” he said. She relies wholly on selling her artwork to make an income. I did art jobs on an as-needed basis like copying paintings and doing portrait paintings. After a commercial piece, I’d make a work for myself based on that commercial piece. Had I had a waitressing or paralegal job, my hand wouldn’t have been moving in the same constructive way.

Owning your own business gives you the most flexibility of all,” Thomas told Business Insider. You decide when you’re open and closed. I feel like I’m even more influential in the art world because I sell other artists’ works and try to make money for myself and them. Some of the people I’ve sold their work for the highest price it’s ever gotten. Etsy is willing to pay twice the rent, so I had to move,” she said, “Luckily I travel so much that I could move to a smaller space in the same building.

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