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The cancellation of Amy Hennig’s single player Star Wars title last year caused controversy regarding the state of story-driven, single player games. Many hardcore gamers argued that they’re starting to feel left behind, as multiplayer releases become increasingly prominent. The Evil Within 2 and Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus were only a few weeks old. It raises the point: are gamers willing to put their how Much Money Do People Invest For Fifa 17 where their mouth is? Those pressures end up very real internally. 60 price point can’t change, right?

There’s a lot of negative press around monetisation, loot boxes, games as a service, but these things are trending now in the industry, especially for larger publishers, as an answer to the problem of rising development costs. Budgets keep going up, the bar keeps getting raised, and it starts making less sense to make these games. Hennig concluded that while fans may be demanding single player games, they’re not the ones that are dominating the sales charts. Why are you cancelling a linear, story-based game? This is the kind of game we want,’ people aren’t necessarily buying them. They’re watching somebody else play them online.

Yes, the likes of Horizon: Zero Dawn may have hit last year, but there are countless examples of titles that didn’t. It’s certainly an interesting read on the situation from someone in the know, but what’s the solution? He also likes tennis games way more than you. Just in my own circle of close friends, they’ve started buying fewer single-player games and watching them online. I’ve noticed their buying habits have altered significantly since they started watching Let’s Play-type videos. And they have plenty of money to buy them, they just don’t anymore.

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Interestingly, the one game they did buy was Persona 5, and I remember one of them saying it was because some of the content was blocked for viewing online. Although, obviously, I realise this is a small sample of people near me and might not be indicative of the wider gaming community, but I think it’s interesting to note. I can really see her point. I don’t like it, but I think she is right. I have noticed the top sales charts littered with the multiplayer and service games and many of the best single player ones never crack the top 20. However, I think there will always be some demand for the SP experience, and hopefully this year we’ll see a boost in sales. 23 Do you reflect the market at large, though?

There’s a good chance you’re a statistical outlier at this point. They need to start blocking their games from being viewed online, like how Atlus did with Persona 5. These games are like big picture movies now, so they should treat them the same way. This sounds like someone is looking for an excuse to go all Microtransactions and Loot Box galore.

Are naturally selfish creatures. It’s more dangerous than some realize, a lot of those ad stories are tailored to certain people also and it just becomes confirmation bias to their perceptions. All in all — whereas something like Wolfenstein II is a twelve hour experience. FFP is anti, as how Much Money Do People Invest For Fifa 17 as the game has quality. If I’m going to watch something, transactions over another price hike.

There are so many examples out there, where you easily could tag “no one asked for” onto the game. AC Origins is THE AC game everyone was asking for, for such a long time. Everyone complained about the lame combat system in the old AC games, but nothing ever changed. They could have easily left out the MP part of the AC games and instead but more effort towards game play. If I’m going to watch something, I’ll watch a movie or good TV show because it’s not like games have particularly great stories even when they’re at their best.

It’s like people who watch FIFA tournaments. Like, why wouldn’t you just watch a REAL football match at that point with actual athletes? Not everything needs to be an 80-hour blockbuster. One of the reasons I don’t buy more single player games is it takes me ages to play through them. It’s not like a movie that lasts two hours and then I need something else.

I don’t really know how much money goes into making these games, but I assume it’s a lot. I would also guess they cost a lot more than yearly releases like CoD and 2K. Perhaps this is why they ‘don’t sell well’ to the developers. They put all this time and money into a new experience that will still sell far less copies than a slightly refreshed version of a previous game. Did any of the above games LOSE money?