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You need to login how Much Money Do The Impractical Jokers Make do this. Going Native on a literal Planet of Hats. Ever since Tai-tastigon was built back in the days of the Old Empire, folks in these parts have loved puzzles. Once their whole culture was built on them, social conventions and all, and the highest form of art was the labyrinth. On their Wagon Train to the Stars, our intrepid heroes come across a planet whose inhabitants all share a single defining characteristic. Earth itself is sometimes portrayed as a Planet of Hats.

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Writers love to use the hat planet to represent controversial issues in society whenever they can. This way the show’s characters can take a thinly disguised public stand on an issue that the network execs would otherwise consider too taboo to openly discuss. The Planet of Hats may also be an unintended result of a Character Exaggeration type Plot Tumor applied to an entire race, when the audience had previously only seen a single representative who the writers now wish to market. Just for comparison, Earth has seven continents, hosting just under two hundred sovereign states, with an estimated five thousand ethnicities and 7,000 living languages. There is no reason to suspect that alien life forms would be any different, but in media they are nowhere near as diverse as one might expect. Occasionally justified in settings with relatively convenient space travel and colonization. Has nothing to do with a certain war-themed hat simulator, Or the show Lidsville which was a literal planet of hats.

How Much Money Do The Impractical Jokers Make

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Galaxy Express 999: We have planets where everyone’s a beggar, fat, angry, lawless, sad, glows in the dark and so on. Subverted with Planet Fury, which appears to be a Crapsack World whose hat is fighting. Bebop used the different planets as either Fantasy Counterpart Culture or a planet of hats. Venus was US-run, while Callisto was Russian, the Jovians were mostly European, and Earth was SE Asia. In Kino’s Journey, each country is a separate Planet of Hats, such as a country devoted to nothing but the construction of a tower, or one inhabited by people who do nothing but secretarial work. Most amusing is the town which doesn’t have a hat, and is trying desperately to get one. Las Vegas and has locals concerned with appearing nice, who eat foods that are basically dessert.

Taraak and Mejele were male and female reproductive organs respectively. Major spoilers for Martian Successor Nadesico. Dragon Ball Z gives us two Planet of Hats races, the Namekians and the Saiyans. The Saiyans were introduced by Goku. Once Raditz comes we learned that all Saiyans are freaking strong, transform into giant apes under a full moon, are prideful, and are Blood Knights. Goku is unique among his race because he doesn’t have the Saiyan bloodlust. This is a combination of being raise on Earth, a head injury, and inheriting his mom’s good nature.

One Piece has dozens of ‘islands of hats’, deriving plenty of its comedy from the various islands the characters visit and explore. Some examples include a Lady Land, a Venice expy, an Island of Weather-wizards, and an Island of Cross-dressers. 10th in a series of alternate dimensions. Each dimension has its own precinct, and its own hat. It’s also revealed in a prequel that the city was set up after World War II and beings with superpowers were exiled to it.

Ultra Boy comes from Rimbor, which is The Planet Of Dark Alleys and Biker Gangs. They don’t have powers, though: Jo Nah got his powers from a Space Whale. And of course, the planet Bizmol, whose hat is eating things. Also occurred at least once in a Superman comic in which Jimmy Olsen is transported to the Planet of the Capes. The Hat of the Daxamites is violent xenophobia.

Daxamites who don’t try to kill aliens on sight are considered outcasts, and in one case was brainwashed by his own parents so that he would be a xenophobe. Earth is the most diverse planet in the universe. Though Lex Luthor argues that he should get the Orange Lantern of Greed because Earth is all about consumerism and acquiring stuff. The Polish comic Tytus, Romek I A’Tomek has an issue where the protagonists visit several “Nonsense Islands”, each of which is a classic Island Of Hats where everyone is an athlete, a bureaucrat, etc. X-Men: The Mojoverse is an entire Dimension of Hats organized around television.