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Check out the browser extension in the Firefox Add-ons Store. Do You Earn Too Much To Qualify For College Financial Aid? Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. Will your income throw your child out of the running for college aid?

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Use my EFC Quick Reference Table to estimate your aid eligibility based on income. Don’t take someone’s word on your child’s aid eligibility just because their situation may appear similar to yours. This leads me to the first example of bad college advice. At a presentation I gave recently a family shared with me that they had been advised by a co-worker not to bother applying for aid because their income was too high to qualify.

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17,000 per year in aid at the private college she attended. 68,000 over four years of college. Expected family contribution or EFC is the minimum amount a family is expected to pay toward the cost of college, and is primarily based on the assets and income of the parents and student. Getting into college is hard enough. Find out how to save thousands on higher ed. EFC is calculated using two different methodologies, the federal and the institutional.

Pell Grants and Stafford student loans. 300 pricier private colleges to determine need for their institutional grants and scholarships. These schools require families to fill out both the federal form and a so-called CSS Profile, which asks additional questions and calculates contributions somewhat differently. Note that under both formulas, if parents have two children in college, the parent’s portion of the expected family contribution is not twice what it would be for one child. In fact, in the federal formula, the parent’s portion of the family contribution gets split equally among the number of students in college. 30,000 per year for that child.