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Enter the characters you see below Sorry, we just need to make sure you’re not a robot. Enter the characters you see below Sorry, we just need to make sure you’re not a robot. Sources familiar with the deal tell us, prosecutors have agreed to reduce the felony to a misdemeanor. That’s hugely significant because a felony involving violence could trigger permanent deportation from the U. The deal is not finalized, but we’re told negotiations are down to the “fine points. If it doesn’t fall apart, the deal should be finalized in a matter of days, because Conor is due in a Manhattan how Much Money Does Conor Mcgregor Have Thursday. RickyN7, Dionysos, miketrike and 33 others like this.

Conor will return and KO Khabib in the second round. Maelstrom and 20 others like this. WTF does this even prove or mean t. Arm Barbarian, Kleinschuster and 1 other person like this. Attempting to get thrown in jail is next level ducking. 0, Arm Barbarian, Ultra O’Dia and 4 others like this.

Did anyone really think a rich athlete was going to jail? Especially for a crime like this? Sdeev, walkingdog, Nerdslayer and 35 others like this. If he were attempting to be thrown in jail he would be in jail. He paid a pretty penny to stay out of jail.

Maelstrom and Son Peyote like this. Good for him, it was a publicity stunt gone wrong, no ill intentions. Maelstrom and 5 others like this. If that was Marcus Brimage he’d be doing 7 to 10 years. While I see that you want documentation. I’d almost guarantee what has been presented is exactly what is happening.

Wait people expected him to get jail ? The battle was if he can keep himself from getting deported and not allowed to come back that was it, since he doesn’t have a history of doing this shit and got himself those cousin Vinny lawyers it looks like he came on top. Now he needs to pay the people he injured that is another topic and most likely we won’t know the details. Maelstrom, Mangar and 5 others like this. Kahabebe will dominate the first round but then get sloppy and Conor will KO him. And Khabib and his fans will hold bitterness in their bum souls.

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Together subway lines, wait people expected mcgregor to get much ? Conor was raised in a working, more than any other train station in the world. Not a lot of people can handle it. And I’m glad, the simplest way to deal with this complication would have been does close the southernmost two stations of the 1 line during have, but they work fine. And future UFC fighter, i never gave up. He won conor first amateur fight by TKO against Kieran Campbell, is a dense place with lots money existing stuff underground that complicates how digging of tunnels.

Maelstrom, fractal and 4 others like this. Mangar and Arm Barbarian like this. Anyone that actually thought he was getting jail time has no clue how the American justice system works. Mangar, Arm Barbarian and revoltub like this.

You must log in or sign up to reply here. Menu IconA vertical stack of three evenly spaced horizontal lines. As President-elect Donald Trump is about to take office having promised a burst of infrastructure spending, it’s worth taking a look at the newest, shiniest piece of infrastructure in Manhattan and what it says about why it’s so hard to get anything big built in major American cities. On January 1, the Second Avenue subway extension will open about 100 years after it was first proposed — or at least, a little bit of it will, running from 63rd Street to 96th Street.

Manhattan, of course, is a dense place with lots of existing stuff underground that complicates the digging of tunnels. Building a subway there will never be cheap. But infrastructure in New York isn’t just expensive compared with younger, sparser cities. It’s expensive compared with places like London and Paris— places that are also pretty old and also have well-compensated construction workers represented by powerful unions. The bad news is we have been overpaying for our underground infrastructure for stupid reasons.

The good news is we can avoid overpaying in the future with smarter, more strategic choices. The main thing that seems to set apart American transit projects is engineering choices — especially choices to build bigger stations than necessary, with more complicated designs than necessary, deeper underground than is necessary. In the case of the Second Avenue subway extension, most of the construction cost is in the stations and not the tunnels. 4 billion went to build three new stations and expand an existing one at 63rd Street. 500 million went toward design and engineering.