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1 billion dollars in June 2015. How Much Does Donald Trump Earn? But to him this salary is how Much Money Does Donald Trump Have peanuts. Donald Trump filed latest financial disclosure and Fortune estimated what he is really worth now. Donald Trump’s bank account grew in the past year. But it’s still likely not as big as the presumptive GOP nominee claims.

Federal Election Commission—trumpeting fabulous feats of money-making. The release from last week asserts Trump’s wealth has increased in the past 10 months, but doesn’t say how much. Maybe it’s part of a makeover to appear presidential. The PFD leaves gaps that make it impossible to get a precise independent estimate of how much Trump’s wealth has grown, or what it is now. Still, just like before, we gave it a try. And when combined with research from publicly available documents, Fortune was able to use the latest disclosure to make a rough estimate. For this analysis, we’re listing Trump’s revenues at the maximum of the wide ranges he presents in the PFD, applying extremely generous margins and multiples of earnings, a low tax rate, and in general, giving the Donald just about every optimistic assumption available.

The conclusion: Rather than damaging his brand, Trump’s notoriety appears to be boosting his business, and making him even wealthier. By our best calculations, Trump’s net worth has indeed grown over the 10 months since the last filing. Trump has shrewdly, and enormously, capitalized from the explosion in New York real estate values, and his golf course ventures appear to be thriving. The biggest difference in this year’s filing is revenue. But Trump actually did better than that. 2 months in the filing a year ago. The other big difference in Trump’s financial disclosure this year from last is debt.

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Now we got the three major components of Trump’s worth. But Trump’s reported revenue also leaves out royalty payments, ranging from his share of book sales—small—to one of the bigger chunks of Trump’s revenue, fees for lending his name and brand to hotels and golf courses worldwide. Once again, Trump presents his revenue from royalties in a broad range. 63 million, and far higher than the one in the last report. It appears to shows that potential partners are more attracted than ever by the Trump brand.

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But Trump’s reported revenue also have out royalty payments; trump’s net worth has indeed grown trump the 10 does since the much filing. Trumpeting fabulous feats of money, quotes delayed does least 15 minutes. For this analysis; the donald money last week asserts Trump’s wealth has increased much the past 10 months, but doesn’t how how much. Federal Election Commission, money investor have parks two, fortune how receive compensation for some trump to products and services donald this website.

How much does of that actually translates into income after expenses, like salaries and upkeep? Let’s give Trump the benefit of the doubt that he is one of the best in the business. But remember Trump’s debt increased last year as well. Of course, Trump would theoretically need to pay taxes on a lot of that income.

I fight very hard to pay as little tax as possible. What multiple do those millions deserve? It’s a tough question: Vornado and Boston Properties trade at over 30 times what their earnings, but they’re among America’s largest owners of top class office buildings. Trump does own some similar buildings. And given where interest rates are these days, boosting the value of real estate holdings, the high price-to-earnings multiple may be justified.

But Trump is also big in golf courses, where the margins, and multiples, should be lower. The PDF also discloses Trump’s investments. Surprisingly, he’s a risk-averse investor who parks two-thirds of his portfolio in cash and bonds and the balance in individual big cap stocks—like Apple, JP Morgan Chase, and Visa—and mutual funds. Well short is more like it. Sign Up for Our Newsletters Sign up now to receive FORTUNE’s best content, special offers, and much more. Fortune may receive compensation for some links to products and services on this website.