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You need to login to do this. Just to be clear, he doesn’t appear in any of her other issues either. I stopped reading X-Men about the same time they started putting Wolverine on the cover of comics in which he didn’t actually, technically, appear. Superhero teams how Much Money Does Famous Youtubers Make comic books constantly change. Characters join and leave so often that any given superhero team is often unrecognizable within a year. This leads to one of the most overused tricks in comic-book marketing.

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When a character is very popular, they will often get Wolverine Publicity: appearing in every comic book title and format possible, smearing them all over even the non-related covers with all the fine delicacy of bacon-flavoured soap. The next step of Wolverine Publicity is random cameos to drive other titles. The promoted character will appear in the first issue of every new title, and appear in old titles with flagging sales, regardless of whether the promoted character makes any sense there. If a team has multiple titles, with different members in each one, the promoted character will somehow manage to appear in both titles — even if the two stories are supposed to be happening at the same time. A subtrope of Face on the Cover.

Note that if the popular character is a legitimate lead character in a specific work, then the trope should not be listed in it. It may count for the character as a whole, but not for that work. Wolverine saves the universe during the Crisis Crossover” is not. That long life means he has connections all over the world and beyond, meaning he can easily drop into any location: America? He’s both a Rated M for Manly Action Hero and a Woobie, depending on the story you want to tell. It’s almost impossible to write him out of character: Is he in helpful teammate good-guy mode? Or berserker evil loner animal mode?

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A blow to the head can make all the difference. He seems to know every hot babe in the Marvel Universe, making an enticing cover design easy to draw. Dark Avengers and the Dark X-Men, in addition to having his own solo title at the time. Marvel had already recognized how absurd it was getting by the late 1980s. Wolverine just trying to have a quiet day of fishing and going insane because of all the other characters popping up to get him to guest-star. Wolverine saying he had to appear on the first cover, as it was in his contract. Said story ends with Wolvie ‘cutting’ their plans short.

In an issue of New X-Men, a character mentions that Wolverine is the only mutant who finds time to be on all three X-Men teams at once. Skrull, they discuss who else might have been substituted. Wolverine himself pointed out that his ability to be on so many teams at once seemed ridiculous unless he was trying to infiltrate as many as possible. Lampshaded in Avengers and the Infinity Gauntlet, an all-ages retelling of The Infinity Gauntlet. And from Runaways: Iron Man: “A Wolverine appearance? 27 was declared “his most gratuitous guest appearance ever!