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Enter the characters you see below Sorry, we just need to make sure you’re not a robot. The Ferrari Mondial is a mid-engined, V8-powered grand tourer which was produced by Italian manufacturer Ferrari between 1980 and 1993. Ferrari’s motor racing history — the 500 Mondial was a successful lightweight sports racer of the early 1950s which was named to celebrate Ferrari’s consecutive Formula 1 World Championships in 1952 and 1953. The Mondial cabriolets are the only production vehicles how Much Money Does Ferrari Make On F1 to a four-seater, rear mid-engined, full-convertible design. The Ferrari Mondial is a mid-engined vehicle of the R-M-R configuration. Unlike its GT4 predecessor which was styled by the Italian Gruppo Bertone, the Mondial was designed by famed designer Leonardo Fioravanti of Pininfarina in Turin, the vehicle designer with whom Ferrari had worked very closely since 1951.

Pininfarina’s bodywork was manufactured by Ferrari’s regular coachbuilder Carrozzeria Scaglietti. Full-width aluminium louvre panels across the front lid and engine cover form a distinctive feature of all Mondials, and provide for improved airflow through the front-mounted radiators and engine bay respectively. Additional louvre grilles are located on each side of the vehicle just ahead of the rear wheels. Intake air is fed to the engine from the intake on the right-hand side, while the matching grille on the left side of the vehicle directs air into an external oil cooler nestled ahead of the rear wheel arch. This design considerably simplifies engine removal for a major rebuild or cylinder head removal compared to previous Ferrari V8 vehicles.

At the rear, a full-width, insulated and trimmed luggage boot with a gas-strut-supported lid sits behind the engine bay, sizeable enough to hold several sizeable soft bags or set of golf clubs. Electrically actuated pop-up headlights fit flush to the vehicle nose, and contain twin round lamps in each for all 8, QV and 3. 2 models, and a single homofocal rectangular unit each side of the Mondial t. Differences in body features between sales markets was small, with the most obvious being the prominent rectangular side turn-indicator lamps affixed front and rear to all U. All engines derive from Ferrari’s original 3. 308 GT4, which in-turn was a two-cylinder extension of the V6 engine originally deployed in the Dino 206 GT of 1968.

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Mondial 8 and QV models, increasing to 3. The orientation of the V8 engine block is quite different in the Mondial t compared to the earlier Mondials. In the Mondial 8 the V8 employs two valves-per-cylinder, and this increases to four valves-per-cylinder for the Quattrovalvole QV and all later models. Ferrari exhaust note all combining to produce an excellent sports-touring engine.

In the Mondial 8, QV and 3. 2 models, the transmission housing is integral with the engine sump casting, albeit with its own oil supply, sitting below and slightly to one side of the main block. A five-speed, all-indirect manual transmission using a “dog-leg” selector pattern was the only transmission offered. For these models, clutch actuation is hydraulic, unlike their two-seater cousins’ cable systems, and transmission selection is via a rod which extends through the centre chassis tunnel and passes through the engine sump into the transmission housing. For the Mondial t, the engine and transmission were substantially reconfigured and their orientations rotated by ninety degrees to place the axes of both the engine crankshaft and the transmission input shafts parallel to the vehicle’s longitudinal axis. An “auto-clutch” option was available on the Mondial t, developed by French supplier Valeo. This system retained the conventional manual transmission mechanicals but replaced the normal clutch mechanism with an electro-mechanical one without a foot pedal.

Although based on the two-seater vehicle designs, Mondials are slightly larger overall including having appreciably wider front and rear track dimensions. Mondial t vehicles include a driver-adjustable selector to set the electronically controlled damper units, providing three choices of ride-stiffness adjustment. Steering is a rack-and-pinion mechanism sitting ahead of the front wheels, unpowered on all 8, QV and 3. Hydraulic power-assistance was standard on the subsequent Mondial t model. Road wheels on all vehicles are of a five-spoke alloy design in a clear-lacquered finish. Two distinct patterns were used: the Mondial 8 and QV models have wheels with a flat centre and pronounced edges to the five spokes, whereas the 3.

2 and t models’ wheels have a convex centre and smoother, angled spokes. Mondials until the late 1980s, including all 8 and QV models and many 3. TRX tyres require wheels with the proprietary TRX rim profile, meaning all vehicles fitted with such wheels could only utilise TRX-style tyres. The seats and interior of all Mondial variants are fully trimmed in Connolly hide with the exception of the use of black vinyl for the dashboard top and upper door linings. A central tunnel for the chassis structure is prominent in both front and rear footwells, and is straddled by a large front centre console with a polished open-gated gear selector and electronic warning-light panel. The Mondial has been one of Ferrari’s most commercially successful models, with over 6,000 examples produced over its thirteen-year run.

How Much Money Does Ferrari Make On F1 Read on…

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The Mondial underwent many updates throughout its production with four distinct variants produced: the Mondial 8, Mondial QV, Mondial 3. Starting with the Mondial 8 coupé launched in 1980, the vehicle which served as sole V8-engined Grand Touring or “GT” vehicle within the Ferrari range proved to be a disappointment to some Ferrari enthusiasts. Ferrari acted quickly just two years later in 1982 to address the straight-line performance issues, by upgrading the engine with a new four-valve head. The next evolution was the Mondial 3. 2 produced from 1985, which saw the engine grow in displacement and power, and both the internal and external styling significantly refreshed. The final Mondial variant was the Mondial t, released in 1989. This contained some of the biggest changes in the Mondial history, with an even-larger 3.

Production of the Mondial ceased in 1993, with a total of 6,149 vehicles from all variants having been manufactured. The first Mondial iteration introduced as the Mondial 8 at the 1980 Geneva Auto Salon. The Mondial 8 is often the target of negative perceptions due to what many considered unworthy performance for the marque. GTSi:Motor Trend November 1981 0-60: 8. The first Mondial engine, although a DOHC design, used just two valves per cylinder. A new Cabriolet body style added for 1983. Body styling remained the same as the coupé variant, with the roof maintaining the ‘buttress’ design of the roof, though the Cabriolet required the rear seats to be mounted closer together laterally.