How Much Money Does Floyd Mayweather Get Per Fight Today

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Editor’s note: This story was originally published on Nov. A Floyd Mayweather fight generally goes something like this. For 12 rounds an out-matched opponent swings and flails and misses. Mayweather has never been knocked out, never knocked down, never beaten in 47 pro bouts. Yet as the twilight of his career closes in on the 37-year-old, so too does a swirl of negative publicity that centers on his violent and allegedly abusive relationships with a number of women in his life.

Josie Harris, Mayweather’s former long-term partner and mother to three of his four children, doesn’t see Mayweather much these days. Occasionally he will collect their children in person, but more often than not they are transported using the jet service he uses for much of his travel outside of Las Vegas. It’s an arrangement she is happy with. I don’t have to take a Xanax before he comes, otherwise I will be sweating bullets,” Harris told USA TODAY Sports in an interview at her home 50 miles northwest of Los Angeles. For some reason I still get anxiety when I know that he is on his way. I have no idea why, but I get really overwhelmed when I know that I have to be around him. Harris says she suffered physical abuse from the boxer on “six occasions,” the worst coming in September 2010, when Mayweather entered Harris’ home as she slept, yanked her to the floor by her hair, then punched and kicked and screamed cuss words at her in front of their children.

How Much Money Does Floyd Mayweather Get Per Fight In Our Generation

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It was the couple’s oldest son, Koraun, who slipped out of the house to alert a security guard to summon police. Mayweather was eventually sentenced to 90 days in prison. It was one of seven alleged assaults Mayweather has committed against five different women that resulted in him being arrested or issued a citation. Last month, his former fiancée, Shantel Jackson, filed a civil lawsuit including claims of battery, false imprisonment and allegations that the fighter pointed a gun at her. A year ago, Harris still viewed her history with Mayweather as a love story gone wrong. Now, in the light of recent public awareness sparked by a video of NFL running back Ray Rice punching his wife in an elevator, with even President Obama’s weighing in on efforts to stop domestic violence, she sees it differently.

I was a battered woman,” Harris said. I felt embarrassed about saying I was a battered woman. I felt like it was my fault. I didn’t understand what a battered woman was at that time. Now I know I was in a very dysfunctional, hostile relationship and a victim of domestic violence.

Mayweather’s representatives declined to comment for this story. Rather than be part of the sad narrative of domestic violence, Harris has taken charge. She has written a book she hopes to publish in 2015. She wants her own experience to serve as a source of comfort and inspiration to other women trapped in a cycle of abuse. She also wants Mayweather to get professional help, though she holds little hope that he will.

With time comes wisdom,” she wrote to USA TODAY Sports in a text message following the interview. I hope his lessons aren’t too harsh as he does have a good heart. The heady world of professional sports and the adrenaline and glamour attached to it can provide an intoxicating mix for those caught up in the lifestyle. Harris believes the whirlwind, combined with fear of financial vulnerability and personal isolation, can cause many women to stay in a destructive relationship. Harris says she spent several years feeling sorry for herself, but counseling, therapy and anti-depressants have brought her to a point where she feels empowered.