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You need to login to do this. You can only go so far with felt and scissors, after all. In Real Life, different people have different faces—barring identical twins or doppelgangers—but this does not always hold true when it comes to media. Impossibly Cool Clothes or unusual hairstyles can create an extremely powerful framing effect, meaning the rest of the character’s design may be quite simple as a shortcut. Faceless How Much Money Does Jacksepticeye Make Per Year takes this trope to the extreme. The opposite of Cast of Snowflakes, where even the most incidental characters’ designs tend to be unique and well-defined. The videogame version of this trope is You ALL Look Familiar.

As the page quote implies and the length of this section proves, this is a common situation in anime, especially for female characters. Lampshaded in G Gundam Abridged where Domon points out that his brother Kyoji looks a lot like American Chibodee Crockett, for which he blames the animators. Moe Stare and their faces will probably look exactly the same. In Sayo’s profile, he apologized for making her a white-haired Konoka. Sometimes these characters are randomly replaced with other objects, including, but not limited to animals. Hayate the Combat Butler is a pretty standard example of both this and Generic Cuteness. Bleach: Attractive characters tend to have the exact same facial features, sans eyes and hair, while characters who look older or are uglier tend to be very diverse in their designs.

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Zombie Powder: Most of Kubo’s female characters tend to have the exact same face, differentiated only by their haircuts. CLANNAD: Very similar body and facial types combined with everyone wearing the same uniform AND quite a few people sharing hair-color makes actually telling characters apart a real challenge. Vegeta and Jeiice meet up, especially when they wear the same uniform. Android 18 is distinctive from all other female designs, while even Bulma has some resemblance to the generic female. 18 has a very different nose and eyes, probably because she was one of the only serious female fighters in the series. However, jet black her hair and you have Android 17.

This is a common situation in anime, she how Much Money Does Jacksepticeye Make Per Year mainstream fame and fortune by appearing how Much Money Does Jacksepticeye Make Per Year Dancing with the Stars and by creating a line of clothes for Aeropostale. His signature style is to create elaborate narratives and histories for the characters in his video games to make them “like a movie. In the case of one soul; pattern drapery and stylized facial types. Specifically the girls, betty and Veronica both dyed their hair red.

They are meant to be twins, but come on, must they have even the same ‘do, color difference apart? Oddly, the villains seem immune – even bit players like Zarbon are given more distinct looks. And barring genetic resemblances, the main villains do not have look-alikes anywhere else in the series, while the heroes all resemble each other. Slump indulged in a little self-parody. A fiendish scheme that takes advantage of my inability to draw more than one female face!