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You don’t have permission to view this page. Please include your How Much Money Does Jake Paul Make address in your email. Jake Paul Net Worth 2018: How Much Is Jake Paul Worth? With a massive following spanning social media sites alive and dead, Jake Paul has taken the internet ablaze. Having over 5 million followers by the time Vine died and now having over 9 MILLION followers on his main channel alone, Paul has quite the fan base. 5 million Guess it really does pay to terrorize your neighborhood.

Born January 17th, 1997 in Cleaveland, Ohio. 16 by joining the video-sharing app, Vine, and started sharing his life with the world. When Vine shut down earlier this year, Paul had amounted over 5 million followers and over 2 BILLION plays. Jake’s older brother, Logan, is also pretty big deal in the digital realm. Paul’s online presence helped land him a spot on Disney Channel’s Bizaardvark, where he played Dirk who somewhat resembled his real-life persona.

If thats your chick then why she texting me? He even has launched a new business venture called, Team 10, which is a social media incubator and management agency based on teen entertainment. The Team helps social media influencers gain and manage their popularity. With his main channel at over 9 million subscribers, it seems like there is no stopping Jake Paul anytime soon. Even during all the recent controversy surrounding him. Neighbors began to turn to the news under confidentiality to avoid retaliation from Jake Paul.

But with a following this big, I doubt he’ll have a hard time looking for more work. Logan Paul Net Worth 2018: How Much Is Logan Paul Worth? Join over 100,000 fans and receive news from COED. Arts Festival on April 14 in Indio, California. Trouble is brewing for actor and popular internet personality Jake Paul.

However, the acting role came to an abrupt end July 22, when the company decided to drop Paul mid-season presumably because of of his antics at his West Hollywood home. Disney released a statement on the matter later in the day confirming the news, but not giving a reason for it. Presumably, the reason for the departure is because of recent reports that Paul and his friends have been terrorizing the Hollywood neighborhood where he rents a home. A news report by KTLA said neighbors accuse Paul of being loud and performing stunts that endanger the neighborhood. Even with his 18 months on the Disney show coming to an end, Paul has developed quite a solid monetary base with his numerous projects and a massive following on social media. Paul found huge success using the social media platform Vine. He started posting many popular 6-second video clips to Vine when he was 15-years old and he had 5.

3 million followers by the time it shut down in January. Paul grew in popularity alongside his brother Logan, who also had a Vine account and also posted many videos that went viral. In addition to the over 5 million followers, Jake had almost 2 billion video plays on the application when it shut down. Jake told People in 2016 that when they were on Vine, they were making a ton of money.

After Vine went out of business, Jake transferred his social media following to other platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook. Vine was super, super popular a couple years ago. And it’s on its dwindling edges, along with Twitter, but they are both still very powerful platforms. After his rise in popularity as only a junior in high school, Jake saw opportunity and moved to Los Angeles with his brother to pursue a career in show business.

The group performs various stunts and comedic videos for its almost 2 million subscribers. Most of those stunts take place at a home Jake rents in Beverly Grove near Melrose and Kilkea. 17,459 per month and it’s described as having five bedrooms and five bathrooms. When Jake launched Team 10 last year, the goal was to showcase the group of friends and create daily content that entertained subscribers. It’s safe to say that the company has done that, as it continues to grow in popularity.

130,000 earned by the company annually. 5 per 1000 monetized views after the company takes its cut. Jake has made the address to Team 10 headquarters known to its fans, who often flock outside of the home and wait for Paul and friends. Jake isn’t the only one in the family that’s found massive success on the internet. It was actually his brother Logan that rose in popularity on Vine before Jake.

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But once the company shut down, Jake was able to transfer his followers to other plaforms for continued success — and appearing on a Disney show helped too. Jake Paul first made in on Vine where he used to post six second videos before venturing on other sites. Well, Paul was a wrestler but decided to quit and focus on film making. He drew inspiration from his brother Logan Paul who had already amassed a huge following from on the platform. Jake Paul is big on other social platforms i. 5 million followers on Instagram, 5 million fans on Facebook as well as 1. Jake starred on Disney show Bizaardvark alongside Madison Hu and Olivia Rodrigo.

Mono, Dance Camp, The Monroes and Airplane Mode. He once said it was a great honor joining the Bizaardvark cast. Early this year Jake hid himself in one of the bathrooms in the White House after attending a social media event. Since launch in September 2013, the channel has gained over 173,281,849 video views.

In the last 30 days the channel has gained 39,967,200 views as well as 603,478 new subscribers. Jake Paul net worth is boosted by brand and product endorsements. Subscribe To Get All The Latest Updates! Logan had a huge Twitter and Facebook following which Jake used to promote his products with. This is a question that every fan of Jake Paul wants to know the answer. Facebook and Twitter following where he shares his videos.

His channel had amassed over 6. 4 million subscribers and more than 925 million video views as of June 2017. This in return generates an estimated income of about 380,000 per month and 4. Paul also generates money from acting and selling ad spaces. Through his social media accounts where he has a huge following. How much money Ricegum make a year. How much money is Pewdiepie worth.