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Check out the browser extension in the Firefox Add-ons Store. Enter the characters you see below Sorry, we just need to make sure you’re not a robot. Pidgins are highly simplified forms of a language that originally arose where people with no common language came into contact with one another and were forced to communicate. Why is pidgin English used in Vanuatu?

In Vanuatu, over a hundred distinct languages are spoken in a country with a population no greater than that of a large English town – virtually every group of villages has its own language. Why should visitors pidginise their English? Bislama is Vanuatu’s national language, and is the only language in which you can talk to a stranger there and have a good chance of being properly understood. The only people in Vanuatu who do not always speak Bislama well are children and old women in villages. How can you pidginise your English?

The following is not a comprehensive guide to speaking Bislama – for that, get a copy of the book Bislama: an introduction to the national language of Vanuatu by Darrell Tryon. Written Bislama looks extremely strange, because unlike in normal English, words are spelled roughly as they are pronounced. Even Bislama sentences that are almost pure English can look utterly foreign when written down. When faced with a written Bislama sentence, try reading it out loud and you can often grasp what it means. English equivalents, even though they are spelled differently.

Some pairs of sounds that are distinct in English are not always distinguished in Bislama. The letters p and b, for example, are interchangeable in Bislama, as are g and k. This means that the word pig, for example, may be rendered as bik. Sometimes you’ll hear a sound that is actually halfway between the two English ones.

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Some consonants that occur in English are awkward for native speakers of Melanesian languages, and are therefore altered in Bislama. For example, we might pronounce “basket” as “baaask’t”. Pronounce ev-e-ry vo-wel dis-tinct-ly, without stressing any particular syllable. Note that although these are the words listed in Bislama phrasebooks, some of them, such as Halo! Traditional ni-Vanuatu do not exchange pleasantries of the type used by Europeans, and instead greet one another by their names or traditional titles, sometimes in combination with the word Yes! Baibai and tata are also rare among locals, who more commonly depart with Ale! The vocabulary of Bislama is largerly based upon that of English, but manages with a much smaller number of words.

In many situations, Bislama has just a single word where in English we have more than one. For example, instead of the words “rock” and “stone” there is just a single word ston. There are some other Bislama terms that are not normally used in English but will be familiar to English speakers. Expatriates who have been in Vanuatu for a long time often get into the habit of using these words even when speaking normal English.

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In spite of the fact that French is an official language in Vanuatu, there are not many important words in Bislama that come directly from French. Express unusual concepts by putting together common words. Concepts that we express in English using unique words are expressed in Bislama using combinations of simpler words. Some of these phrases are delightful.

When Captain Jack Sparrow said “You savvy? Although most of its vocabulary comes from English, Bislama also inherited a few words from the ‘South Sea Jargon’ used by early sailors and beachcombers in the South Pacific. Not surprisingly in a language that evolved from sailor-talk, Bislama dictionaries also list a few words and phrases whose English equivalents would be considered swear words. Originally, these expressions were not offensive in Bislama, but educated islanders who know English seem to avoid them nowadays. Pick up a few Melanesian words. Quite a few of the words used in Bislama come from Vanuatu’s native languages. Often these are words for which there is no precise or well-known English equivalent.