How Much Money Have I Saved Not Smoking App Now

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Disney CEO Robert Iger at FOX Studios on September 24, 2013 in New York City. Skyscrapers in New York City financial district, Lower Manhattan. 14, 2011, file photo, billionaire investor Warren Buffett speaks in Omaha, Neb. Meet Quitbit The first smart lighter and app to help you track, reduce and quit smoking. Try Quitbit RISK FREE for 30 days. If you don’t love it, return it. Cut back your cigarettes one by one.

Quitbit is a lighter that tracks all your smoking. View your trends Use the spider graph to see when you’re smoking most, or learn how your smoking is affecting other aspects of your health like your weight or activity. Save money See how much money your smoking as you cut back. Even one less cigarette a day can pay for Quitbit in 1 year. Customize how Quitbit works Set targets and goals that you can actually achieve. Limit your smoking Can’t trust yourself sometimes?

Set limits to how often or when Quitbit can work for a little extra motivation. Share Share your progress with your friends, family or our Quitbit community. The Quitbit itself, much like a scale, is a tool to measure, manage and empower the user. You can use the Quitbit however helps you best. Why will tracking my smoking habits help? Trying to cut back your smoking without tracking is like trying to lose weight without a scale.