How Much Money Is Spent On Climate Change Research Today

As energy declines, people will realize that loans can’t be paid back, that the principal is at risk. The collapse of the financial system, breakdown of supply chains, blackouts, end of being able to make computer chips, and so on are symptoms of the underlying cause: LESS OIL AVAILABLE TO DO MILLIONS OF ESSENTIAL How Much Money Is Spent On Climate Change Research. These nations went through collapse or are in collapse now. Corruption threatens to take down the financial system since there have been few reforms and major loopholes in the few changes made since the 2008 crash. Extreme weather will destroy infrastructure, reduce crop yields, force millions to flee rising sea levels, increase mosquito-borne and other diseases. Our system is so interdependent that a electromagnetic pulse from the sun or nuclear weapon that knocks out the grid also knocks out transportation and the financial system.

How Much Money Is Spent On Climate Change Research Read on…

Satellites, GPS, computers, cell phones — virtually every electronic device has microchips. Virtually everything in our homes, everything in our stores, got there on a truck. If trucks, trains, and ships stopped running, our global economy and way of life would stop too. Charles Hall is the originator of the concept of EROI. As a tenured professor not funded by any special interests, he is one of the most respected, cited, and unbiased scientists writing on EROI. A research center at the University of Cambridge studying possible extinction-level threats.

How Much Money Is Spent On Climate Change Research Read on…

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Advisors include philosopher Peter Singer, computer scientist Stuart J. Russell, statistician David Spiegelhalter, and cosmologists Stephen Hawking and Max Tegmark. Overview of the renewable fuel standard, U. We know what lithium-ion batteries are capable of. Carnegie Mellon have done just that.

They published a paper in the peer-reviewed American Chemical Society Letters at the following link: Performance metrics required of next-generation batteries to make a practical electric semi truck. Below is my review of their paper along with some additional cited observations of my own. Viswanathan felt compelled to write their paper because there are so many guesstimates of the likely cost and performance of an electric class 8 semi-truck in the media. But these hasty calculations don’t take into account critical factors like the specific energy density of the battery pack, vehicle weight, drag, rolling resistance, battery kwH to go a given distance, and weight of the batteries given current Li-ion battery technology.

The average class 8 truck, empty, weighs around 31,000 to 37,000 pounds. They forgot to add on the weight of the empty container and chassis where the payload is. 8,000 pound empty 40 foot container, 8,000 to 10,000 pound trailer, i. So my weight estimate of 29,000 pounds is closer to what a class 8 electric truck will weigh. This is why my estimates of payload are always about 10,000 pounds less than the authors.

Authors 600 miles payload of 24,000 pounds, my payload 15,000 pounds. Authors: 300 miles payload 44,000 pounds, my payload 33,000 pounds. I use, that would further explain the difference. I think the maximum should be used because in the future, both electricity and diesel are likely to be more expensive, or even rationed. To maximize efficiency businesses will have to stop just-in-time delivery with half full trucks, and turn to full loads and inventories to stay in business. Nor can electric trucks be made lighter with aluminum or carbon fiber.

Light-weighting is out of the question. The maximum weight of a truck allowed on the road is 80,000 pounds, so if the body weight of a diesel truck is the minimum 33,000 pounds, then the maximum amount of cargo that can be carried by a diesel truck is 47,000 pounds. Since an electric truck weighs 4,000 pounds less, that ought to shoot up to 51,000 payloads. But it doesn’t because the battery packs weigh so much. For example, the authors found that the weight of the battery pack needed for a truck to go 900 miles is 54,000 pounds.