How Much Money Needed To Retire At 40 Today

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Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Most people believe that retiring by 40 is something achieved only by lottery winners, celebrities, trust-fund babies and tech tycoons. But there is a growing movement of young retirees who are smashing our conventional beliefs about what it really takes to retire early. They’re not born rich, they’re not lottery winners and they’re not Silicon Valley insiders. They come from all walks of life. Some had high-paying careers in finance or engineering, while others were schoolteachers or writers. Some were entrepreneurs, while others worked 9-5 jobs.

Still, those in the early-retirement movement do share one common trait: They typically adopt a contrarian mindset that produces a fascinating lifestyle, spending, and retirement planning insights. Here are five lessons from the lives of early retirees that we can all apply. They understand the math of financial independence. Conventional wisdom suggests that in order to retire, you need a huge nest egg and an income stream that nearly matches your working salary. A 2012 Aon Hewitt study found that in order to retire, the average employee surveyed required a nest egg 11 times his or her career pay. The problem with these numbers is that they don’t account for the spending side of the retirement equation.

Young retirees have discovered that the magic number is not income, it’s actually their savings rate as a percentage of their take-home pay. When we keep that in mind, early retirement suddenly looks a lot more attainable. If you are spending 100 percent of your income, you will never be prepared to retire . If you are spending 0 percent of your income , and can maintain this after retirement, you can retire right now. This early retirement calculator shows how elegantly simple the math can be. If you can save 50 percent of your take-home pay, you can retire in 16. If you save 75 percent, you can retire in just 7.

A higher income certainly makes it easier to save a large percentage of your take-home pay, but maximizing the savings percentage is the key to early retirement math. They spend less, but are just as happy. Young retirees spend well below their means. While it may not be surprising that big savers manage to retire early, it’s worth noting that many early retirees don’t view spending less money as a sacrifice at all.

How Much Money Needed To Retire At 40 In Our Generation

I’m just as happy drinking beer at home as I am at a bar . I am hitting a new restaurant. Does that mean I don’t still eat out or buy new clothes or drink tasty beers for 10 times the price? Heck no — I love doing those things, too! However, when comparing ‘happiness levels’ only, they’re not that far apart. Related: Retiring at 27: Ambitious, Lazy or Crazy?

They invest early and over decades, not years. Young retirees don’t have access to any investing secrets. Instead of trying to beat the market, they keep it simple. Many use indexing and asset allocation as a steady, long-term investing game-plan that happens over decades, rather than months or years. Early retirees also started investing earlier than their peers, giving compound interest extra time to work its magic.

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100 a month from ages 30 to 60. Young retirees know to avoid investment vehicles loaded with high fees. As a result, they look to their bank for investing advice. Robo-advisors are an emerging technology that use algorithms to build and manage investor portfolios, giving novice investors low-cost access to sophisticated investment management. Tsang notes that although robo-advisors offer an easy, low-cost way to invest, they are not a one-size-fits-all solution.

Make sure you pick one with the features you need at the right price. If you’re investing in taxable accounts for example, then tax-loss harvesting might be important to you. You also have to compare the fees and see how they might affect your returns. Using a robo advisor comparison tool can let you quickly identify the product best suited to meet your investing goals. Alternative investments are a smart way to diversify a portfolio and provide income to support early retirement.