How Much Money Per Day In Europe In 2019

Enter the characters you see below Sorry, we just need to make sure you’re not a robot. Traveling Thailand can cost as little or as much as you want it to be. This is a country that covers all budgets! Street food for pennies or gourmet dinners for hundreds. There’s something for every budget here in Thailand. Thailand is a cheap country to live in and travel around. I usually spend very little how Much Money Per Day In Europe here.

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But that changed when my friends came, and why that changed is important for anyone planning to come to Thailand. How much does it cost to travel around Thailand? Your Thailand costs will vary greatly depending on the kind of traveler you want to be. I’ve been visiting the country for over a decade and I’ve seen it change a lot. Here’s how much you can expect to spend and how to save money in the country. How Much Does it Cost to Visit Thailand? I popped my eardrum scuba diving!

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For Thailand, that’s a lot of money. But my friends had never been to the country before so we traveled a little faster than normal and stayed at nice placer than I normally would on a budget. 35 USD per day, depending on how much alcohol you consume and how many days you spend on the islands, where costs are higher. But when time’s limited and this is one of two big trips all year, you don’t want to scrape every penny. Vacations don’t need to cost a fortune, but if you aren’t traveling all the time, staying in the cheapest place to make your money last becomes less of an issue.