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Enter the characters you see below Sorry, we just need to make sure you’re not a robot. Please forward this error screen to host. 31 0 0 0 1 1. 883 33 19 33 19 33s-11. I went on 11 rides with 11 randomly picked Uber X drivers to see how much they’how Much Money Per View Do You Make On Youtube paid and how they like driving for Uber.

Posted on November 19, 2014, at 2:01 p. It seemed as good a chance as any to get to the heart of Uber’s rapidly growing business, one that has already transformed the transportation industry in just a few years, so I took Josh up on the offer and took 11 rides with 11 randomly chosen Uber X drivers and obtained eight out of 11 of the drivers’ pay statements — two drivers who spoke on the record were not comfortable with showing me their pay statements and Uber did not provide pay statements for the last driver. As is common with ride-sharing services, throughout my 11 rides, the work schedule varied considerably for each driver. 25 — not including one-time referral or sign-up bonuses or one-time deductions. 00 an hour with an average of 1.

These net wages, however, don’t take into account bridge tolls, car insurance, or other costs of being a driver. The initial net income only reveals one aspect of the Uber driver pay structure, one that’s been complicated by an huge influx of part-time drivers. Many of these drivers identify as part time because they either do not work every day of the week or only work a specific set of hours. Those who only work certain hours typically only go online during the busiest times of day when there is likely to be surge pricing. For example, Zahidur Rahman, a 21-year-old student and Uber X driver who began working for Uber just a few months before the summer fare cuts, usually only works three nights a week because of classes. On those three nights, based on his pay statements, Rahman typically only works during the evening rush. During his busiest week starting Oct.

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2, of the 38 rides Rahman had 15 were during surge pricing, which was an average of 1. Rahman had 30 rides, 14 of which were surge-priced rides and six of those surge-priced rides were 2. That week, Rahman only worked 14. Compare that to Lahab Alaur’s highest grossing and busiest weeks. Alaur started working with Uber about four months ago. Of the drivers I obtained payment statements from Alaur worked the closest to full time during the five weeks of statements.

Twice, Alaur worked more than 40 hours and one week he was just under 40 hours. During the highest-grossing week between Oct. 3, on the other hand, Alaur worked 40. Put simply: Rahman, like many other part-time drivers I spoke to, works fewer but very specific high-income hours and thus makes much more per hour than a typical full-time driver. Uber drivers protest outside Uber’s New York HQ. Sixty-five percent of the drivers we have with us weren’t with us in July,” Mohrer told me. The whole makeup of our supply base has changed a lot and a lot of part timers have come in.

How Much Money Per View Do You Make On Youtube

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If you want the 90k, it’s there for you,” Mohrer said of Uber driver potential earnings. What was true in May, because of the way that our partner base has changed in structure — you have all these guys coming in part time — obviously that has changed. But what hasn’t changed is that drivers do have the ability to . There are a bunch who do.

90,000 a year, arguing that he didn’t think it was a valuable figure. 23 an hour and worked an average of about 24. 23 a month — assuming they work these exact hours and times. This is all without considering the expenses built into being an Uber driver, of which there are many, most notably insurance and car payments. Additionally, according to several of the drivers I spoke to, though passengers are charged for the tolls that they pass through during their trip, if the driver returns to the city, the charge for that toll comes out of their own pockets. When we go to like Newark Airport there’s only one E-ZPass where we gotta swipe it,” Saif Khalid, another student who has been driving for one month, told me.

But when we go back you have to swipe E-ZPass to come back like three times. That one no one pays for. Khalid has to pay a higher insurance premium because of his age. 631 per week just for rent and insurance. 38 that then needed to be divided among his additional expenses of gas, tolls, and maintenance — additional expenses that are by virtue built into being an Uber driver.

The week prior to that, Khalid worked more hours — 41. 03, his second-highest income in the five weeks of pay statements I obtained. When you look at expenses, you don’t make anything for Uber,” he told me. I work four days a week , the busy days which are Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. I only work four days so I work hard because I have to pay rent.