How Much Spending Money For Orlando

Walt Disney World sits right at the red-hot center of the family vacation universe. The flagship Florida-based Magic Kingdom park is one of the world’s biggest tourism magnets, welcoming over 20 million visitors a year. The record crowds will only keep increasing, even with a recent admissions price hike introduced earlier this year. The resort is an all-time classic family destination, and there are always new reasons to visit. Before booking your dream Disney adventure, you should crunch the numbers as realistically as you can and figure out: How much will the big how Much Spending Money For Orlando actually cost?

Dining in Chef Mickey’s at Disney’s Contemporary Resort. All that said, there are ways to significantly decrease how much you’ll spend. So, coming back to the big question: How much does a Disney World vacation actually cost? Because there are so many visitor options, and travelers go in with widely varying expectations, must-haves, and thirst for Goofy tchotchkes, there is no single answer.

Before launching into the particulars, it’s worth mentioning that because Disney can be so overwhelming, it may be wise to book the trip with a Disney-certified travel agent. A knowledgeable agent will answer all of your questions, make the most of whatever budget you bring to the table, and eliminate hassles and confusion in general. Using an agent shouldn’t cost you anything extra either—they get paid on commission. We did the math based on four different categories of visitors.

How Much Spending Money For Orlando Easily

Lodging prices can vary dramatically throughout the year, and you might find rates that are different depending on your specific dates and whether there are any promotions available at the time. The World of AVATAR opens May 27, 2017, at Walt Disney World. Obviously, your airline bill decreases by a factor of four if you can find cheaper flights for your family. Disney offers a variety of meal plans for on-site hotel guests, and while some visitors love the convenience, the plans are generally pretty expensive. For admissions, we’re going with four days’ worth of Park Hopper passes, which are pricier than base tickets, but allow you to visit multiple parks on the same day. The “Cars” wing at Disney’s Art of Animation Resort.

Most importantly, they come with the perks of Disney’s on-site lodging, including free shuttles to the parks and free transportation to and from Orlando’s airport. This is the kind of lodging factored into this category. Admissions costs are the same as the category above, based on four days’ worth of tickets with the Park Hopper option included. An aerial view of downtown Kissimmee, Florida. Staying off-resort will save you significantly not only on lodging, but food as well—because many hotels provide free breakfast, and you can cook or at least eat at non-Disney restaurants. To save some money on admissions, we’re skipping the Park Hopper option in this category, meaning that guests will only be able to visit a single park each day. We’ve also reduced the number of days’ admission to three rather than four.

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On the off day, guests might hang out by the pool and decompress, away from the crowds. The Grand Floridian Resort at Walt Disney World. Disney guests seeking to stay in style, with a decent amount of space and convenient access to the parks, might go with a one-bedroom villa at the Grand Floridian, near the Magic Kingdom and connected to the monorail. 955 per night for our group on theoretical bookings this summer. Even though the vacation is only four nights, we went with five days’ worth of admissions because it’s often possible to squeeze in some extra rides on one of your travel days.