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Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. After all, don’t many financial advisers have investing minimums? What if you’re new to investing? And, some of them are pretty nifty, as well. So grab your stash of cash, and let’s look at some of the best ways to invest 1000 dollars! ETFs are known for their lows costs and diversification benefits. If you want to invest into the lives of others and earn some interest, there’s a new craze that’s both exciting and reasonable: peer-to-peer lending.

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Alternatively, you can manually invest by browsing available loans and picking the ones you like. Tip: Like any investment, make sure you choose notes that reflect your tolerance for risk. Have a popular robo-advisor manage your money. For example, when signing up for such a service, you might take a questionnaire to determine your risk tolerance level or investment goals. Additionally, many robo-advisors have slick user interfaces to help you get relevant information about your investment performance, holdings, and more in a snap. If you’re ready to get a comprehensive, in-depth financial plan in place, you’d probably do better to sit down with a financial planner.

Every parent wants their kids to be successful in life. One path to success is college. Can you guess what it is? College is expensive and is showing no sign of slowing down. If you want your kids to go to college, and you aren’t rolling in the dough right now, you should probably think about saving for their college education. A 529 college savings plan is a great choice, as it has tax advantages that encourage individuals to save for college.

These plans are sponsored by the states, so be sure to check out your state’s 529 college savings plan and see if it makes sense for you. 1,000 is a great start in one of these plans, and depositing the money in such a plan will help you get the technical details of the account worked out so you can continue to contribute. For example, you might be held back by the fear of the unknown. Making a decision to start saving for college today will make it much easier psychologically to invest tomorrow. Tip: If you’re going to contribute to your children’s college education, it’s wise to start as early as possible. The time horizon for college is usually short: a maximum of 18 years. If you’re starting when your children are older, you have even less time.