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President Trump Wants to Kill These 17 Federal Agencies and Programs. Some of President Donald Trump’s planned budget cuts appear to be targeted more at undercutting Democratic priorities than at shrinking the national debt. 5 trillion in spending over the next 10 years — nearly all of the federal government’s discretionary spending. What, then, would the reported cuts accomplish? The answer appears to be defunding a number of projects seen as liberal darlings — including groups aimed at preserving and supporting the environment, civil rights protections, the arts, minority-owned businesses, and public broadcasting. Here’s a list how To Budget Your Money And Save the various federal agencies reportedly on the chopping block, along with some of their key initiatives — and some of the jobs supported. Republicans have long been known to want to kill government funding for Big Bird.

But the CPB is more than Sesame Street. 5 million veterans endure as they reenter society, but also funds services, such as job fairs, for returning vets. The NEA supports art, and those who make it, across the country. The NEH offers research funding to institutions like museums, colleges, and libraries. The agency has backed 16 Pulitzer winners and Ken Burns’ The Civil War series, among other notable endeavors. 60 million in loans — which allowed the company to expand operations and hire more employees. 2 million grant to the Pacific Northwest Diabetes Institute to buy new scientific equipment, in turn providing lab space that would support other high-tech companies in the area.

The ITA helps American businesses sell more products to overseas markets. One beneficiary was the Iron Fist Brewing Company, located in Vista, California. A representative of the San Diego U. Export Assistance Center connected with the brewery at a convention in 2013, and helped them export to Australia, Canada, Finland, Hong Kong, among others.

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