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Visitors therefore need the Danish currency “Kroner” for shopping and other expenses. Also if you want to transfer money to or from Denmark and other countries you need money exchange. Some shops in tourist areas and larger cities like Copenhagen and Århus might accept Euro or even Dollars, but you can’t count on it and usely you will be payed back in Danish currency. In any case you will get a how To Count Euro Money exchange rate in a bank than in the shops and most often you will need Danish money if you want to shop in Denmark. The Danish Currency “Kroner” is closely connected to the European Monetary system and the exchange rate is very stable towards Euro.

Towards Dollar and other currencies the Danish Kroner varies more. More exact exchange rates are updated every day on the homepage of the Danish National Bank in Copenhagen. Note that banks in Denmark are closed Saturday and Sunday. Monday – Friday working hours are 10. Thursday most banks are open to 17. Note also that a growing number of bank branches do not handle cash or do it only if you order it several days in advance.

In a few larger cities like Copenhagen and Aarhus you will find exchange offices with more flexible working hours. But even in tourist areas they are not very common. On the other hand ATM’s are widely spread all over the country. Even in smaller towns you find them and in most cases they are available day and night.

Most credit cards can be used to get cash in Denmark but in general international credit cards are less used in Denmark compared with many other countries. The most commonly used credit card in Denmark is VISA. Less used are cards like Diners Club and American Express and you might even risk an extra fee when using them. Denmark has about 90 independent banks but most of them are pretty small.

Danske Bank is far the largest of them. Among other large banks are Nordea, Jyske Bank, Nykredit Bank and Sydbank. Well known is also Saxo Bank which is an investment bank – heavily dealing with currencies, but it has very few branches and is of limited interest for the ordinary tourist. Since the currency of Denmark is very stable and the money system is well developed Bitcoin and other alternative paying methods – Altcoins – has only limited interest for most Danes. A few bars and restaurants in Copenhagen and some webshops accept Bitcoins but as a general rule this kind of currency is of limited use in Denmark. Capital of Denmark and also the most visited tourist city in the country. The largest airport in Scandinavia – Kastrup – is located just outside Copenhagen – used as entry port for many cruise guests every summer.

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