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Marvel and DC Comics how To Earn Money As An Artist once again facing off in an epic box-office duel this month, with the release of Thor: Ragnarok and Justice League — two superhero films that, of course, have their roots in the comic book industry. 800 million-a-year annually and employs tens of thousands to do so. So how do you get started in this type of career? And more importantly, what does it pay? Like any career in the arts, you can get started in the industry by going to school to and majoring in something that translates well into this world, like animation, sequential art, or illustration.

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Marvel artist Irene Strychalski recently told attendees of New York Comic Con she majored in sequential art and minored in animation at Savannah College of Art and Design. But for every successful comic book writer or illustrator who acquired a formal education, there are many more who broke into the industry by themselves. It’s an industry that lends itself to freelancers and those with raw talent. Javier Garron, the Marvel artist behind Secret Warriors, worked as an architect before switching to comics. Garron says of his 10-year odyssey to break through in the industry. Here’s what you can truly expect to make in a comic book career.

Rhode Island Convention Center on Friday, Sept. For many comic hopefuls, the ultimate achievement is to create an entire comic book franchise. And it it becomes very lucrative if you retain the ownership rights to that work. In many cases, you’ll make far more than the executive salaries at the biggest comic book publishers. More recently, The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman published his zombie-apocalypse adventure through Image Comics, which allows creators to retain the right to their work. Kirkman eventually became a partner at Image Comics and founded Skybound Entertainment, which produces the ongoing Walking Dead comics, as well as other movie and television projects including Invincible and Outcast.

Editor Comic books, particularly established franchises, are quite the production. So you need someone to corral all the artists and writers on the book. That’s where the editor comes in. This is the person who quarterbacks the process, everything from reminding writers when the script is overdue, checking the art against the script to make sure the storytelling syncs, and proofreading the pages as they are completed. But it’s rare for a comic book artist to land a salaried position and it’s far more common for these gigs to be project-based.