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NEW BRANCH NOW OPEN – WE ARE PLEASED TO ANNOUNCE OUR NEW QUEENSWAY BRANCH IS NOW OPEN! Spencer, Travelex, Thomas Cook, and High Street Banks. We how To Exchange Money In Thailand our exchange rates daily and at any time during the day when there are major movements in the foreign exchange markets. THE RATES DISPLAYED ON OUR WEBSITE ARE ONLY AVAILABLE IF YOU ORDER AND RESERVE YOUR CURRENCY ONLINE FOR IN-STORE COLLECTION OR ROYAL MAIL SPECIAL DELIVERY. DIFFERENT RATES WILL APPLY IN STORE IF YOU DO NOT ORDER ONLINE. Thomas Exchange will deliver Banknotes anywhere in the UK with Royal Mail Special Delivery. Thomas Exchange can deliver to any office within the City of London and Canary Wharf.

This service can only be arranged by telephone so please contact Thomas Exchange on 020 7256 7457 for an instant quote on any currency. Take advantage of our highly competitive exchange rates around the world. Available anywhere in the UK via Royal Mail 1st Class Delivery. Available at our City and Oxford Circus offices immediately in Euros and US Dollar. Thomas Exchange can make your foreign payments easier! Thomas Exchange are specialists in the payment of funds throughout the world, at much better rates than High Street banks. Please be aware that receipt of funds from Thomas Exchange UK Ltd into your nominated bank abroad or within the UK may result in charges being applied by the receiving beneficiary bank.

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