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Enter the characters you see below How To Get Free Eshop Money For 3ds, we just need to make sure you’re not a robot. Naturally, at its core, this is pretty much still exactly the same ground-breaking game as it always was. You run and jump through 32 different levels, stomping Goombas, pelting Koopa Troopas with fireballs, swimming around Bloopers and dodging Lakitu’s Spinies. If there’s still somebody out there who hasn’t played one of the most influential games of all time — what are you waiting for? Unlike the preceding All-Stars version of Super Mario Bros.

However, one change has been made that is actually very dramatic — the game was too big to fully fit on the Game Boy Color’s screen, so instead of shrinking the game and losing detail, Nintendo decided to simply make the visible portion of the screen much smaller. Thankfully, to make up for this downgrade, Nintendo decided to include some bonus features. It’s possible to unlock “Super Mario Bros. Also new are Challenge Mode and You Vs. In Challenge, you run through the original game’s levels in search of newly added red coins and Yoshi eggs, attempting to get as high a score as possible. These two modes are quite fun, but unfortunately they are still held back a little by the smaller screen.

Conclusion All in all, Super Mario Bros. Deluxe is both a hit and a miss. The newly added features and included edition of Lost Levels give you some bang for your buck, but the decreased field of vision — a throwback to the Game Boy Color’s small screen — hinders enjoyment of all modes quite a lot. It’s not so bad with SMB, but it gets a turn for worse with SMB2 – not only cheap, but smaller screen doesn’t make it easier. I’ve got it as freebie, and I’m glad I did. Otherwise, in my opinion, it’s not worth the money, although the controls doesn’t feel as floaty as in SMB3 or SMB2 US on 3DS. I actually have the Game Boy Color cartridge for Super Mario Bros Deluxe but I prefer the NES and SNES versions, especially with the GBC version of Lost Levels not having Worlds 9-D.

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But seriously while it would’ve been great to get wireless multiplayer and the option to save the images you unlocked on the SD card and maybe even to use ’em in Miiverse i can’t complain about this as a freebie. I don’t mind the different ratio, i actually prefer it to playing the NES game on the 3DS and the Challenge Mode’s really fun. Watch Gallery games which i’d wish were more of on the 3DS VC already. I don’t think i’ll touch this version’s “The Lost Levels” before i give it a serious attempt on the Wii or Wii U though.

As always nothing beats free, so I can’t complain. I’ve been playing this version on 3DS for past couple of days and the contrained screen gets a little in a way of moving around some areas but all in all it’s still Mario and it’s still awesome. So actually I got my start in video games with Mario without ever being aware of it. Even if it’s just a silly port of a game I’ve already got on the same system, I’d buy it again for the nostalgia and to correct my father’s past wrongs. Gotta make up for that too.

It’s easily my most-played version of Super Mario Bros. Something to note is that both the port and the NES game are the same price, well Deluxe is 1p cheaper if you care to split hairs. With Extras like Challenge Mode, Vs. I feel Deluxe makes up for the ‘small screen’ problem as you get more from it.

Deluxe is how I first played SMB. If you can get the game free from the Miiverse promotion, you’ve no reason NOT to give this game a shot. I thought this was a pretty cool conversion of the game at the time. The Boo races in particular were a blast. All the bonus features were quite well done. I got my version for free, thanks Nintendo.

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So there’s no way to unlock every picture in the gallery in this version? Deluxe is one of best GBC games! I got this game for very cheap when I first bought my Game Boy Color back in 1999. I was very surprise how good it was and the extra features makes it worth the playthrough though I was kinda disappointed that Lost Levels got some of its levels cut off but hey you had to remember the GBC had limitations so the fact that it was able to almost crammed two games in there makes it a must-buy to me. Meh, got 5 free copies of this as well as the Ambassador NES version all for free, so not complaining. It lost 4 stars due to small screen.

I’d rather have an updated 3DS Classics version that had the original game’s resolution instead of this. I’m gonna say this: the Challenge Mode was a lot of fun for me. I want this game just for that. Minus the lack of worlds 9-D, this is actually a really good GBC title. I’m interested to see if NA gets it soon.

Shop, since the 3ds obviously has a built-in camera. I prefer this version over the original. The small screen doesn’t bother me much at all. I think the criticism of the small screen is overblown.

SMB Deluxe had a ton of new content, which was the real meat of the package and greatly increased the replayability. I recall, once you beat one, you get a new, faster Boo that’s a different color to race. NoA’s actually doing the right thing. They think another version of SMB is unnecessary, and they’re right. Europe needs more love and attention than NA, so we definitely don’t need another version on the 3DS. Besides, I have the cartridge for it.